Illegal Aliens Demand Free Housing And Job Training

​​In recent times, the Biden Administration’s approach to immigration has led to a growing sense of entitlement among illegal migrants, who feel justified in demanding benefits from hard-working American citizens despite their unlawful entry into the United States.

This sentiment was evident when a group of illegal aliens staged a protest in Chicago, voicing demands for free housing, paid job training, and access to essential resources such as food, water, and secure neighborhoods.

The protestors held signs displaying messages like “We Need Paid Job Training,” “We Need Jobs,” and “We Need Housing,” highlighting their grievances and expectations. One particular sign accused authorities of violating their rights and failing to deliver on promised safe living conditions.

The situation is exacerbated by the open-border policies implemented by the Biden Administration, which have drawn illegal migrants to cities like Chicago and New York. These Democrat-run cities have seen a significant influx of unauthorized immigrants, straining resources and posing challenges for local governments.

Gov. J.B. Pritzker (D-IL), has pledged to make Chicago a “sanctuary city,” disregarding federal immigration law and welcoming illegal migrants into the state. Recently, Pritzker signed a bill into law expanding the Illinois Human Rights Act to include “immigration status” as a protected class.

This groundbreaking move makes Illinois the first state to require landlords to rent to illegal migrants, even as the cost of living soars in liberal cities. Consequently, landlords are compelled to accept renters regardless of their immigration status, despite the potential eligibility for deportation under U.S. law.

Earlier in the year, residents of a Chicago neighborhood took legal action against the city’s plan to convert an old high school into a migrant respite center. The contentious issue reflects the tensions arising from the large number of illegal migrants pouring into Chicago since last August.

With over 200 illegal aliens arriving daily, law enforcement agencies are struggling to cope with the sheer volume and all shelters are currently at capacity. The bleak situation in Chicago is a clear example of the challenges faced by cities living under the current administration’s policies.

While proponents argue for compassion and inclusivity, critics contend that such regulations encourage illegal migration, strain public resources, and raise concerns about national security and public safety.