Iran Is Slowly ‘Invading’ Iraq Just Like Russia In Ukraine And China In Taiwan

The US Department of Defense revealed that Iran controls enormous Iraq security and military forces segments. Does that sound familiar? The sock puppet anti-President Joe Biden botched his Afghanistan withdrawal, and now it appears that Iraq will collapse. After nearly 20 years of war in Asia, the US will have nothing to show for the lives, blood, and treasure spent there.

The Pentagon recently reported that Iraq’s security forces were attacked and routed by militants supported and funded by Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC). Iraq’s security along the Iranian border is weak. Iranian sympathetic aggressors attacked this area. The method of choice by global dictators is to stoke regional instability and internal strife. It has become the pretext for formal military action. US military reports uncovered that Iran has been taking advantage of US cash payments being tossed around Iraq. They are using this money to fund anti-American volunteer armies. We are paying people to kill our soldiers and allies.

Iran’s state army has solid connections to specific components of Iraq’s Interior Ministry (MOI) and many divisions in the Iraqi Army. Specific units have clear and direct ties to Iran. Iraq security, government police, and emergency divisions have officials who back Iran and support militias preparing to kill people who might oppose a Shi’a dictatorship.

Unclassified confirmation shows that Iran controls much of Iraq’s security forces. US DoD reports show that Iran has been advancing into Iraq through radical Islamist groups. But the Pentagon has kept on subsidizing the Iraq MOI.

In 2003, Baathists became absorbed into the political system of Iraq as the US invasion roiled the nation. At the same time, the Badr Corps became part of the Iraq army and security forces, but its loyalty remained with Iran. Over ten years, these Badr Corps officers have risen in Iraq’s security apparatus. The Pentagon now affirms that Biden should remove assets from the Iraq MOI. And the recent threat assessment would label the Badr Corps as terrorists because of its connections to the Islamic Revolutionary Guards in Iran.

Republican Representative Greg Steube (FL), who serves on the House Foreign Affairs Committee, notes that this DoD Inspector General report demonstrates that Iran militias have penetrated Iraq’s government and MOI. President Trump’s National Security Council cautioned our approach, anticipated this situation, and attempted to remove financing. But, with the 2020 election results, power was transferred to Joe Biden, who destroys everything he touches. Congress will not provide oversight, undermine the Iraq MOI, or pull funding from the region.

Trump knew about the Badr Corps, and Iran moves but did not cut funding. Complaints from the Pentagon and the Intelligence Community limited what Trump could do without creating blowback if Iraq spiraled out of control. Using the Badr Corps and Iranian militia, the MOI fought against ISIS. Internal terrorists ranked higher on the US hit list than the Mullahs and their regional ambitions and dreams of nuclear war.

The DoD defended the MOI even though Badr Corps and the IRGC compromised them. The Biden-Harris maladministration wants to ink another idiotic nuclear deal with Iran as if a piece of paper will prevent their destructive ideology. Under a dementia-riddled dunce like Biden, the United States will finance the MOI even if it funds Iran. It could cost American lives or create a massive war in the Middle East, threatening Iraq, the Arabian Peninsula, and Israel. Thank you, Democrats!