IRS Chief Denies Retaliating Against Whistleblowers, Blames The DOJ

Internal Revenue Service (IRS) Commissioner Daniel Werfel has denied responsibility for the alleged retaliation against whistleblowers on the Hunter Biden investigation, instead blaming the Department of Justice (DOJ).

After IRS whistleblowers came forward to discuss concerns about the mishandling of the agency’s investigation into Hunter Biden, the entire investigative team was abruptly removed from the probe. These IRS agents continued blowing the whistle, contacting Congress about their removal and alleging that the motive was retaliation for their legally protected disclosures.

Now, in a May 17 letter to the House Ways and Means Committee, Werfel is denying being responsible for the retaliation — instead suggesting that the DOJ was behind it.

“I want to state unequivocally that I have not intervened—and will not intervene—in any way that would impact the status of any whistleblower,” the IRS commissioner said in the letter, which was obtained by Fox News.

“The IRS whistleblower you reference alleges that the change in their work assignment came at the direction of the Department of Justice,” the letter continued. “As a general matter and not in reference to any specific case, I believe it is important to emphasize that in any matter involving federal judicial proceedings, the IRS follows the direction of the Justice Department.”

Werfel went on to essentially cite the need for secrecy related to “pending proceedings” in a desperate attempt to deflect blame for the federal government’s actions.

“When I first learned of the allegations of retaliation referenced in your letter and in media reports on May 16, 2023, I contacted the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration (TIGTA). In light of laws and policies designed to protect the integrity of pending proceedings, I am unable to provide details on this matter,” the IRS commissioner claimed.

Meanwhile, critics have been citing Werfel’s past comments about whistleblower retaliation — arguing that the removal of the Hunter Biden investigation team means that the IRS commissioner had lied under oath.

“I can say without any hesitation there will be no retaliation for anyone making an allegation or a call to a whistleblower hotline,” Werfel previously stated during testimony before the House Ways and Means Committee.