Is Joe Manchin The President Of The United States?

Vice President Kamala Harris joined Charlamagne Tha God, a New York City radio host on Friday for the Comedy Central show Tha God’s Honest Truth. She was hoping for another puff piece and interview filled with softball questions.

Instead, Charlamagne asked if Democrat Senator Joe Manchin (WV) was the real leader of the US? “I need to know who the genuine leader of this nation is. Is it Joe Biden or Joe Manchin?” He almost asked Kamala the question we all want the answer to: who is running this country into the ground?

After her assistant tried to step in and run interference but Harris answered, “Come on, Charlamagne, it’s Joe Biden” Harris reassured the nation that a geriatric kleptocrat was still running this nation. But Charlamagne still had his doubts.

Kamala replied, “No, no, no, no, it’s Joe Biden, and don’t begin talking like a Republican.” That’s a low blow coming from Harris. Calling him a Republican is like calling him a racist.

She should have said, “He’s our dear leader.” But instead, Kamala shot back. “What’s more, it’s Joe Biden, and I’m VP, and I go by Kamala Harris.” Say my name.

She continued to stress that we do things like the child tax credit to decrease African American poverty by 50%. Harris promoted different drives and programs that Democrats ran from the Biden-Harris maladministration. She noted that she could hear the disappointment. But she wanted us to know that we should not deny the effect of their co-presidency, and there is more work to be finished.

Charlamagne said, “Madam Vice President Kamala Harris is the one I like!” He wants to see cackling and commanding Kamala more frequently out on the road and getting the word out about the success of the Democrat Party, which is tanking our economy with the Breaking Bad Better Plan.

But Democrat Senator Joe Manchin is not going along with Kamala’s plan. He is withholding his needed support for the maladministration’s $2 trillion spending bill. With 48 Democrats and two Independents in the Senate, it has shaped up to be an intense battle. Kamala Harris has the tie-breaking vote, and as a former Senator, she would like to avoid casting it. But she may have to do it to allow Democrats to push this plan through Chuck Schumer’s Senate. They are trying to pass the spending bill using reconciliation, financial planning, and compromise rules.

Manchin said the bill’s sticker price would harm Americans because of skyrocketing inflation. Prices of gas, food, and technology are rising rapidly thanks to Joe Biden’s weak and impotent leadership failures.

Joe Manchin attended the Wall Street Journal’s CEO Council Summit recently. He said that individuals need to trust in this administration. But an overly optimistic bill will have too many problems. To ensure we get this right, we can’t keep on flooding the market with government spending.

As one of the few people in Washington DC who makes sense, let’s hope that Joe Manchin shows some leadership and gets the Democrats to rethink this massive boondoggle.