‘It Can Be Done Anywhere’: School Board Recall In Liberal San Francisco

This week San Francisco residents, who are not known for espousing conservative values, voted to recall three progressive school board members by over 70 percent of the ballot cast. The Golden City’s citizens were upset over misplaced priorities by the liberal block running a school district with over 57,000 students. The now out-of-work progressives seemed to be spending most of their time arguing about changing the names of 44 schools rather than trying to minimize the psychological damage done to our children by the draconian COVID restrictions.

Instead of doing a post-mortem on why there was such a groundswell by parents, in perhaps the most liberal city in the country, people on the left just started melting down. Reddit boards were freezing threads and referring people to the suicide hotline.

Rules and recalls are approved by the left only when they can use them to their advantage. The woke left in our schools are starting to discover that they have been working in our institutions unopposed. The pandemic and virtual learning have brought everything into the light. Parents have awakened as to what is happening in schools. They are starting to discover that the public schools they went to no longer exist. Parents are starting to push back, and the progressive left does not know what to do with the newfound resistance.

Even worse for the left, as the recall in San Francisco clearly illustrates, it is not a left/right issue when it comes to people’s children. No ideology overrides a parent’s desire for their children to thrive. Most parents will choose their children over ideology, even in hyper-liberal San Francisco. It can happen anywhere if it can happen there.

One of the unintended consequences of the authoritarian lockdowns was revealing the authoritarian nature of those who currently head our institutions. They were always there, but no one was looking. Now, every rock is being turned over, and there is a surprise on both sides.