It Seems Like The Dems Are Living In An ‘Alternate Universe’

There isn’t a gulf between Democrats and Republicans. Instead, there is a parallel world. CNN is festering in another world soaked in deadly radiation, and the network is collapsing into a false news black hole.

Many scientists believe in a multiverse, a landscape of numerous worlds independent from ours and have their own physical rules. According to the most widely accepted version of the Big Bang hypothesis, an inflationary epoch of exponential space expansion can lead to the development of limitless bubble universes. One is undoubtedly occupied by various strange emoji species, including a pregnant guy. It is supposed they don’t have a magnetic barrier to protect them from cosmic rays that cause strange mutations.

Moreover, in the Democratic Party’s other reality, inflation is positive. There is little free agency in their cosmos, but there is a lot of oppressive communist determinism. Indeed, when Biden finally admitted that inflation is persistent, producing price bubbles regularly, his BBB spending spree defied economic rules.

There isn’t much indication of intelligent design in their cosmos. They have feelings, but they don’t have many practical, integrated thoughts. Disintegration and entropy, on the other hand, triumph. Dark matter sculpts the fabric of their cosmos, and dark money vibrates through the strands of their cosmic web.

Progressives and so-called Justice Democrats assert an unwavering dedication to “justice,” claiming that those who disagree must be fired. Some Democrats aren’t as outspoken. They’re misinformed and have a Pinocchio complex. According to Pew Research, White liberals are more likely than conservatives to go insane. It’s just unwholesome to despise everything and everyone who isn’t like them.

Furthermore, a virtual and augmented reality metaverse would better serve their politically convenient truthiness. Biden could play the Grim Reaper, Psaki could play Pinocchio, and Hillary could play cackling, deceitful Hillary. When they’re in the mood to be friendly and civil, they may teleport back in through a cosmic hole.