J.K. Rowling Gets Pipe Bomb Threat From Trans Activist

Iconic “Harry Potter” author and feminist J.K. Rowling was the target of a social media post threatening a firebomb attack — along with her home address.

With the image of the pipe bomb and her family’s address was a picture of an “Improvised Munitions Handbook.” A red arrow pointed from the pipe bomb to her address. Rowling said the post first went up weeks ago and it was still up on July 1 when she shared a screenshot.

Police now say they are probing the tweet, and as of Saturday morning the username was gone from the platform.

The account, which apparently originates in Ireland and displays a transgender flag, also urged feminist Julie Bindel to commit suicide. Bindel had the nerve to criticize trans radicals for tearing down single-gender spaces that real women need to feel safe.

Rowling is a well-known defender of women’s rights and has come under blistering attack from militant transgender activists. The author said she could wallpaper the house with death threats from hardline trans radicals.

The outrage started early and has never stopped as Rowling was one of the first public figures to recognize and speak out about the lunacy of transgender radicalism. In 2020 she began tweeting about an op-ed referring to “people who menstruate” instead of the traditional “women.”

Earlier this year Rowling drew more outrage by tweeting that transgender rapists are not “female.” Have we really reached this point?

Rowling called the idea that her position is “hate” nonsense. She simply declared that “if sex isn’t real, the lived reality of women globally is erased.”

She described herself as empathetic to trans people and said she would march alongside in protest if the community was discriminated against.

That, of course, was not enough.

Immediately, the “Harry Potter” author was “doxxed” by the militant trans crowd. This involves putting someone’s personal information online as an implied or real threat. Rowling said that others in the U.K. have also suffered a deluge of threats and have little recourse.

All because, as she said, they cannot agree with the nebulous “gender identity” replacing sex. Threatening to place a pipe bomb at Rowling’s home is not reasonable people disagreeing. It is terrorism by radicals who will not stop until every knee is bent.