Jack Dorsey Suddenly Concerned About Censorship

If you are in the crypto world, you already know about the Bitcoin 2022 event in Miami Florida. This Bitcoin levent was three days of heavy hitters in the industry in sunny Florida.

YouTube banned the conferences channel in the middle of their livestream.

Many of the people participating in the conference are not household names so events like this are critical for increased name recognition and publicity. People were losing their minds. Enter Jack Dorsey to save the day.

You may not know Bitcoin, but everyone knows Jack Dorsey as the guy who invented Twitter. He is as big as it gets in tech. This certainly got YouTube’s attention and magically this happened:

It helps to have friends in high places. Now, what about all the people who get banned for no reason and have no recourse? A large part of social media noticed the irony of Dorsey wondering about censorship when his former platform was notorious for dropping the banhammer so often on people.

He may be having regrets after time away and some reflection. The former CEO of Twitter dropped this cryptic tweet which looked like an oblique apology.

Dorsey may be seeing the writing on the wall. There is a groundswell of backlash against online censorship. People are clamoring for new platforms that will be less arbitrary in blocking subscribers.

People are voting with their digital feet. Twitter stock had been in freefall before Elon Musk came in and purchased 9.2% of the company and now sits on the board of directors. I believe in grace, even for our tech overlords. Maybe Jack Dorsey has come to his senses and sees the damage his platform is doing to the public square. Let us hope he works to repair the carnage and help restore free speech on the internet.