Jan. 6 Committee to Hold ‘Last’ Public Hearing — but there may actually be more

Like a bad gift that keeps on giving, the Jan. 6 House Select Committee has another primetime spectacle on tap for Thursday, July 21. It’s the last scheduled presentation of “evidence,” though leadership is waffling on ruling out more.

The panel’s eighth hearing is supposed to be the wrap, but committee Chair Bennie Thompson (D-MS) said not so fast. “I’m hoping it is,” he answered when asked if he could promise it was the merciful end, “but something could come up.”

That something, he said, would be like the “bombshell” Cassidy Hutchinson testimony that, when proper scrutiny was applied, proved that former President Donald Trump at one point became angry.

The image of the former president going Rambo on the Secret Service in his limousine quickly unraveled as exactly no one corroborated the former White House aide’s sworn statements.

The Secret Service flatly denied the hearsay accusations, and they were the only witnesses besides the former president to her claims. Trump went a step further, calling Hutchinson “bad news” and recalling that she wanted to work for him in Florida after his presidency ended.

No matter, because the mainstream media will once again circle the hearings like vultures waiting on the elusive “gotcha” moment to prove the circus was something more than a mere circus.

Get ready for more breathless coverage full of exaggerations and over-the-top verbiage to describe a primetime rehash of already-known events and unconfirmed rumors. One network clearly decided to take the lead in what they wished would become the 21st century’s Watergate.

Remember just last month when new CNN boss Chris Licht promised a less “combative” and “alarmist” network?

That pledge went up in a puff of smoke.

CNN treated viewers/readers to an exhaustive list of adjectives trying to pump up the drama. “Shocking revelations,” “explosive testimony,” “a flurry of new questions,” and “angry exchange” are just a few of the Madison Ave.-type phrases used to get Americans to care just a little.

It doesn’t matter that old news and innuendo will dominate Thursday’s proceedings. What matters greatly to the leftist media is fitting whatever is said or shown into their narrative that American democracy was under attack — directly by the president — for one day in January 2021.