Jean-Pierre Shows She’s Out Of Her League In Latest Display

White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre has been criticized for her lackluster performances since she began at her post. But, most recently, Jean-Pierre has made a real fool of herself by claiming that the Biden administration had added “ten thousand million jobs” to the U.S. economy.

Jean-Pierre was in the midst of touting August’s job tally, citing the Labor Department’s report revealing that 315,000 new positions were created. After her gross exaggeration, the press secretary told the press that it was the fastest job growth in history.

She said “you’re asking me ‘where’s the success?’ Here it is.”

Taken by itself, it of course is easy to see that the outlandish number was a misstatement. However, the press secretary has made a name for herself by being unable to improvise and struggling when not reading from her scripted notes.

As British journalist Nile Gardiner noted, it is breathtaking to watch the “sheer hubris and staggering amateurism” of the White House.

Australian commentator Rita Panahi joked on Twitter that the 10 billion jobs adds up to 30 for every American man, woman, and child before adding, “Well done, Joe!”

Some conservative commentators went so far as to reminisce about the good old days of Jean-Pierre’s predecessor. Despite lapses in honesty and sometimes attitude, Jen Psaki was universally recognized as being competent in her briefings.

That’s a far cry from Jean-Pierre, who recently made the patently absurd claim that no one just walks across the U.S. southern border.

Biden’s mouthpiece was asked about the stream of unvaccinated illegal migrants crossing into the southern U.S. and comparing that to restrictions on air travelers. It was then that Jean-Pierre uttered that people do not simply walk across the border into the country.

Which, of course, happens every single day and is easily verifiable.