Jeff Zucker And Brian Stelter Running Some “Sick Scam” At CNN

CNN should fire the Humpty Dumpty look-alike Brian Stelter. Accusations have been leveled at Stelter that he knew about CNN president Jeff Zucker’s affair with another senior chief. For almost ten years, Zucker had an affair with Allison Gollust, a Senior VP at CNN.

Gollust was on staff with former Governor, Democrat Andrew Cuomo. Zucker employed Gollust in 2013. They seemed to be having an affair for years. They lived near each other in an apartment complex. They shared workplaces and were way too comfortable with each other.

In 2018, Zucker ditched his wife. In 2019, Gollust separated from her husband. Stelter knew of the affair and did not tell CNN. He withheld information that was potentially damaging to the organization and many people.

CNN is struggling with credibility after being labeled as the worst offender of Fake News. According to the Pew Research Center, only 16% of Republicans trust CNN, but about 70% of Democrats trust CNN. It is the divide in this country: a large portion of our population is getting manipulated by liberal media propaganda. And they like it.

Jeff Zucker and CNN broke off their affair on Wednesday. Many people inquired as to what prompted his ouster. Disclosures of his relationship with Allison Gollust seem the most likely culprit. Alisyn Camerota, a CNN anchor, said on air that it “feels wrong” that two consenting adults couldn’t have an intimate relationship, even if they were married for years. Isn’t that what everyone does these days?

Zucker’s termination is tied to Chris Cuomo’s. After Zucker defended Cuomo, accused of carnal harassment, CNN executive WarnerMedia CEO Jason Kilar called Zucker and told him, “You can’t stay here.” Zucker was interviewed concerning Chris Cuomo and felt compelled to reveal his relationship with Gollust. He was attempting to clean the house and avoid it crumbling. They were already at each other’s throats, and Kilar was looking for a way to kick Zucker to the curb. What a mess. These idiots think that their life should be a cheap NBC political drama.

Zucker did not want WarnerMedia to rearrange who Gollust answered to. Her advertising job originally had her report to Zucker as CNN president. But she was restructured and reported to WarnerMedia’s EVP Christy Haubegger. Zucker wanted to power Gollust, who still has her CNN gig because she only played a small part in the affair.

There is confusion due to Zucker’s dismissal. It leaves David Zaslav as the man in charge of confronting many difficulties. CNN’s Brian Stelter said that a source let him know Cuomo was attempting to torch CNN. Cuomo wants an $18 million payout to fulfill his contract, which he violated. Any subpoena in a lawsuit would gather interchanges between Andrew Cuomo, Chris Cuomo, and Jeff Zucker. When Jake Tapper found that Chris Cuomo was demanding additional compensation, he was confused.

Chris Cuomo may have communicated information with Zucker and Gollust about the Governor’s COVID-19 responses. A ton of information is concealed that may confirm the worst suspicions about the heinous inner workings of the least trusted name in the news.