Jen Psaki Makes Excuses For Biden

The White House continues to try to hide Joe Biden’s cognitive and communication problems from the American public.

When the president first came into office, he didn’t even hold any direct press conferences for quite some time.

Then, when Biden’s absence in this regard caused backlash, the White House did send Biden out to communicate with the media; yet, he was also given flashcards during these times.

When the president speaks with the media in unfiltered ways, it usually doesn’t go well. He tends to wander off or even miss the questions entirely. Americans saw this last week when Biden was asked about Title 42 at the White House, yet responded with remarks about the CDC’s mask mandate for public transit.

In light of Biden’s many slip-ups when it comes to public communications, Americans naturally have questions. Unfortunately, officials within Biden’s administration are lying to the public, as documented by Red State.

Psaki’s Latest Excuses For Biden

During a media panel hosted by NBC News, White House press secretary Jen Psaki was asked about Biden’s individual communication problems, along with conflicts between statements from the White House and Biden himself.

To this end, Psaki claimed that “every president” experiences a level of annoyance when they don’t feel as though their perceptions or viewpoints are getting across. From here, the White House press secretary admitted restrictions have been imposed upon Biden, due to COVID.

Finally, Psaki said the restrictions on the president have prevented the public from getting to observe his “magic.”

The Problem with Psaki’s Claims

The latest comments from the White House press secretary have not gone without criticism.

As many Americans have already pointed out online, COVID-based restrictions don’t stop Biden from being able to speak and share his views. For instance, when Biden responded to a question about Title 42 with remarks about the CDC’s mask mandate, this had nothing to do with COVID restrictions imposed upon him.

When the president forgets the names of lawmakers or the officials working within his administration, this also doesn’t have anything to do with limitations stemming from COVID.

It’s actually an insult to Americans when Psaki makes these claims and expects Americans to believe them. No matter what explanation the White House tries to give, it is very clear the president’s cognitive functions are not what they used to be.

This doesn’t bode well for the country, especially with all the ongoing problems that require solutions. Unfortunately, Biden’s communication skills are not going to get any better going forward.