Jill Biden Teaches Kids About George Orwell At White House Christmas Event

With GOP rapid response and RNC research, Jake Schneider tweeted another one of those pictures Monday of Animal Farm 2020-21. Do you know those pictures where some of the animals are equal to others at Covid camp?

This time the Orwellian Animal House hypocrisy was on display at a White House children’s Christmas event with the latest documentary evidence of Covid phoniness. No, I don’t mean this piece of the cat and the aardvark with the social justice warriors:

I mean this one, of some of the animals being more equal than the others at Covid Camp:

I suppose it’s encouraging that the White House takes more initiative to teach children about George Orwell. Still, this activity might be too hands-on for age appropriateness to meet any reasonable standards of ethical pedagogy.

Even the famous Milgram experiment with adult participants (“men 20–50 years old from a diverse range of occupations with varying levels of education” from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia) at Yale University raised serious ethical questions.

Making students all wear little red armbands would teach them a fascist lesson in conformity and lack of individuality, even without them ever reading or hearing a word about the Third Reich. What does covering their faces do to their uniqueness and American spirit?

We live in the dystopian times the most celebrated intellections of the 20th Century who lived through its horrors warned us about. Of all the dystopian novels and novellas, Animal Farm is the best, most perfect warning against what is trying to happen in Biden’s America.

Orwell eviscerates the entire problem with one of the most powerful sentences in all English literature:

“All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.”

Does anyone else feel like that perfectly captures the “esprit de corps” of the Covid mask mafia, with their double standards on flagrant display since 2020?

In the New York Post, Rich Lowry quoted, “Elite mask hypocrites think they’re entitled to flout rules they impose on YOU.” The author couldn’t be more right about that:

“There’s a handy device for determining status in American society: whether someone feels obligated to abide by his or her own COVID rules.”

Exactamundo, Lowry.

But the cool thing about this device is that it allows everyone to determine their status. It is very democratic that way. We’re all equals because of Covid. Who says Marxism doesn’t deliver on its promises?

In responding to Covid protocols, entirely made up nearly overnight by this generation’s current cultural elite, everyone grades themselves to determine what caste we all belong to. Am I important enough to skip getting a third jab if I don’t show my face in public until 2029, or am I important enough to throw big indoor parties without wearing masks while making it illegal for all the space monkeys in Central Time to?

Better keep them sound and healthy. We’re launching them all to space in tin cans with a Bible tucked under their arm.

“The true masters of the universe, those who imagine themselves to be great and good without whom society cannot function, are those who preach but do not practice mandate but do not comply.”

And the good news is you can be one of those true masters of the universe! And it’s free.