Joe Biden And Democrats ‘Revel’ In Immanentize The Eschaton

Half of our nation was told that Donald Trump wanted to tank the economy, but before COVID-19, most households were doing better than ever. Trump said, “The household median income rose $400 under President Bush’s eight years. It increased by $975 during President Obama’s eight years in office. And it grew $5,000 over President Trump’s two and a half years in office, not including $2,000 for taxes. So, let’s suppose it increased by $7,000.” With inflation out of control and a possible downturn on the horizon, Biden will have damaged the American people and curtailed income.

Democrats were lied to, as usual. They believed the lies and voted accordingly. Even if it costs them their retirement and homes, they will never accept that they are marks for Democrat con-men.

Democrats were also told that Trump would begin World War III with Russia or China. Instead, Biden has marched us into conflict, taken actions that resulted in the death of thousands in Afghanistan and possibly millions in Ukraine. China is stalking Taiwan, and North Korea is likely to act out. Ukraine will be rubble. Crooks will rule the roads of America.

Biden threatened to sanction Russia slowly. Putin is bombarding Ukraine and advancing on Kyiv. Any interest that Democrats have in protecting Ukraine seems to be tied to the corruption in the nation and covering up their involvement.

Kamala Harris laughs off invasions. Jen Psaki shakes her finger at Peter Doocy. Joy Reid continues to blame Trump for everything as if nothing has changed over the last year. But everything has changed. America is becoming weaker, sadder, and sicker.

Ukraine is being overrun, and Joe cannot be bothered to do anything. Ukraine is desperately giving weapons to its citizens to battle the Russian forces. The comparison to World War II is striking, but rather than raping and pillaging, Russian forces use Tinder to find female companionship.

Biden’s position in the plan to take the White House was the likable uncle. Joe has burned through any goodwill. Now his time is nearly up, and Harris will destroy the country. More individuals have succumbed to COVID-19 under Biden than Trump. Countless individuals got vaccines that do not work. And Big Pharma thanks the Democrat voters for allowing this to continue.

Inflation is rising. Fuel costs are going higher. Meat prices are skyrocketing. Many people will have a hard time going to work. Air travelers will be grounded. However, Democrats think we are in an ideal situation without Trump. Sleepy Joe appears to have only one favorable attribute, no mean tweets. But at this point, most Americans would welcome back Trump’s mean tweets in a heartbeat. Too bad that by the time Democrats get done running the table, their votes will not count anymore.

Blue urban communities now full of looters are circling the shopping carts filled with TVs because they love the crime wave and want it to continue. No good resistance has been offered by law enforcement which has been marginalized and disparaged.

Will Democrats concede they messed up? Of course not. Electing the anti-President and sock puppet Joe Biden was part of their master plan. Enjoy your steak while you can.