Joe Biden Proceeds His War On Guardians

There are numerous ways in which President Biden has failed and repeatedly demonstrated his inability to be a dog catcher, let alone the leader of the free world. Inflation, border security, public safety, and foreign policy are just a few examples of where this phony president has dropped the ball. 

As of late, America has fallen victim to a supply chain crisis. Bottlenecks and a lack of labor are severe factors in this crisis; however, the Biden administration does all to deflect blame. 

First, Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg wrote the supply chain off as a consequence of consumers purchasing items. It was proven to be a lie after data on consumer confidence, purchases, and inflation came out. 

The Biden administration is trying a new and underhanded tactic. They blame parents in America for the supply chain crisis. 

The Next News Network is shining the light on just how evil and sinister this president has become. The outlet revealed the Biden administration is now pointing the finger at parents and individuals who opt to make purchases online; these are the folks the White House wants to blame for supply chain problems. 

With the supply chain in tatters right now, countless parents are understandably concerned about whether or not the Christmas gifts they purchased months ago will arrive on top. 

Nevertheless, the White House’s response to these parents is to lament that Americans are shopping online. Jen Psaki (the White House press secretary who caught COVID despite being completely immunized) said people buying gifts online are the “root cause” of supply issues. 

Nowhere did Psaki or anyone else from the White House admit the policies of this administration are having an impact on this crisis. The Biden administration also denies that the unconstitutional vaccine mandates they’re pushing are also depleting the American workforce. 

Sadly, the White House’s choice to fault parents for America’s supply chain crisis is far from an anomaly. Earlier this year, Biden used the Justice Department to go after parents who communicate concerns about their children’s education to school boards across the country. 

The Justice Department then sought to portray these parents as “domestic terrorists.” Democrats like Virginia gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe have also declared that parents shouldn’t choose books for their children or say what schools are teaching kids. 

Biden’s war on parents is merely yet another example of why he and other Democrats need to be removed from office.