Joe Biden Gets An ‘Invitation’ To Visit Ukraine By Volodymyr Zelensky

According to the presidential office, Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky has sent an invitation to US President Joe Biden to visit the country. “He is certain that his appearance in Kyiv in the coming days would be critical in calming the situation,” he remarked. Biden’s visit, according to Zelensky, will send a strong signal and help de-escalate Ukraine’s issue.

If Russia invades Ukraine, Biden said the US and its allies would act “swiftly and firmly,” repeating his remarks on Saturday during an inconclusive discussion with Russian President Vladimir Putin. The US has vowed sweeping penalties if Putin sends soldiers into Ukraine, but Russian officials have denied that this is their intention. According to analysts, intelligence indicates that Russia may attack before the Beijing Winter Olympics next Sunday.

According to a source, the Biden Administration gives Ukraine further economic help. On Sunday, there was no mention of such assistance in the White House readout of Biden’s chat with President Zelensky. The United Kingdom believes the issue has reached a “critical point” but sees a “window of opportunity for de-escalation and dialogue.” The Prime Minister of the United Kingdom will spend the following days meeting with foreign leaders to resolve the problem.

The Biden Administration considers providing further economic assistance to Ukraine. President Zelensky emphasized the need to provide his country with “strong security assurances.” The Ukrainian government set aside 16.6 billion hryvnias ($600 million) to offer insurance and leasing businesses with guarantees. After the plane’s lessor refused to land in Kyiv, a SkyUP aircraft was diverted to Moldova.

Therefore the leaders agreed that diplomacy and deterrence must continue to be pursued to settle the issue. According to a tweet from an Axios writer, Israel has offered to host a Putin-Zelensky summit in Jerusalem.