Joe Biden Is Going To Tear Down That Wall


The Democrat Party needs a constant flow of the lower class and dependent voters. Their strategy to achieve this is threefold: 1. create a persistent welfare class 2. get as many people as possible on the take from the government dole 3. import cheap labor from tyrannical or criminal third world countries.

The Joe Biden Administration is implementing this plan. To do this, the government will now pay billions of dollars to prevent the completion of the border wall that Donald Trump started. Partially living up to his promise to build a “big, beautiful wall,” 450 miles have been completed.

In a meeting with Governor Abbott on June 30th, 2021, Donald Trump “cautioned that during his attempts to build 450 miles of the border wall and implement policies that turned back migrants during the COVID-19 pandemic or separated migrant children from their parents who the Justice Department prosecuted, his efforts were slowed by legal challenges from landowners, politicians, immigrant rights groups and civil rights organizations. He said he was in office two and half years before border wall construction could begin.”

President Joe Biden is simply a rubber stamp signature on the Democrat agenda. He has already dumped the Trump immigration and border policies, allowing a record number of illegal aliens and drugs to enter our southern border.

By laying off many employees working on the border, Biden was able to reduce expenses from $6 million a day to $3 million per day. That appears to be one of the only portions of government spending in the budget that Biden cut.

The employees who remain are simply acting on guard duty for unused materials, such as steel and concrete. Biden’s DHS will no longer build the 30 miles of wall that is needed in Laredo, Texas. They are endangering more immigrants, undermining our national sovereignty, and violating Texas’ interests.

It has prompted Texas Governor Gregg Abbott to begin building physical barriers in fencing Texas state property that the Department of Public Safety can legally defend rather than waiting on an inept ICE or BCP.

Supposedly these agencies are there to protect our nation. From the website, “ICE and CBP are both components of the Department of Homeland Security; CBP enforces customs and immigration law at and near the border and ICE enforces customs and immigration laws at the border as well as in the interior of the United States.”

From Fox News: “The report by the minority staff of the Government Operations and Border Management Subcommittee of the Homeland Security and Government Affairs Committee found that efforts to suspend or terminate wall construction projects at the Defense Department have cost between $1.8 billion to $2 billion and the administration is spending $3 million every day.

“These interim findings show that the Biden administration’s efforts to stop border wall construction constitute a significant waste of taxpayer resources,” the report says. “As of the drafting of this report, the Biden administration has paid border wall contractors at least $2 billion and counting not to build the border wall.”

“This $2 billion comes directly from DOD’s budget, and the Biden administration’s continued waste of these funds poses risks to national security and border security,” it says.”

Republican Sen. James Lankford (OK) blasted the Biden Administrations’ willful neglect of our southern border, “It is absolutely absurd that Americans are paying contractors to guard metal gates that President Biden refuses to install because he wants to ‘study’ the wall. Stubbornly refusing to spend money approved for the wall is not ‘executing’ the law. It’s ignoring the law and ignoring the very real national security concerns posed by illegal entry across our very open southern border. For years I have called out federal waste, but the Biden Administration is literally ‘going for broke’ with this nonsense. Our border patrol agents are doing their best to secure our border, but they need additional barriers, roads, and technology to help keep us safe. Instead, President Biden is paying professional construction contractors to babysit metal to the tune of $2 billion and counting. At the same time, we’ve seen a 20-year high number of migrants crossing our open border.”

Right now, this is a battle of will between a horrendously careless Democrat Party and the Texas bastion of liberty and order under Gregg Abbott.