Joe Biden is Milking Student Loans For As Long As He Can

During the 2020 presidential election, Joe Biden made a promise about student loans that he knew he couldn’t keep. Then-candidate Biden said he would relieve students of being bogged down by the loans they took out.

Naturally, this appealed to many Americans who aren’t happy about the economic burden that loans have in their lives. Biden knew the effect this would have and said it for no other reason than to get votes.

Yet, the reality is that Biden never had the authority to get rid of student loan payments. This is something that only Congress can do. However, that’s not stopping this president from milking student loans for all they’re worth, according to American Thinker.

The Truth About Biden and Student Loans in America

Since getting into office, the president has repeatedly put in place one moratorium after the next that delays the timeframe by which people have to resume paying off their loans.

Then, when this moratorium comes close to expiring, Biden simply extends it yet again.

On Wednesday, April 6, the president extended the student loan moratorium until the end of August; yet, Americans can be sure that before August ends, Biden will have put in place yet another moratorium.

At this time, keeping moratoriums going with no end in sight appears to be Biden’s strategy for appeasing his base when it comes to student loans. These repeated moratoriums come as far-left Democrats are demanding for Biden to waive student loan debt for the millions of Americans bogged down by them.

Meanwhile, the White House has called upon Congress to pass legislation that would allow for substantial “forgiveness” of student loan debt.

The Reality of Student Loan “Forgiveness”

Despite the rosy picture painted by Democrats, “forgiving” student loans doesn’t mean they simply vanish into thin air if Congress passes a bill that the president signs into law.

The real meaning of student loan forgiveness and cancellation is taking these debts and then passing them onto American taxpayers. It goes without saying that much of the country is against this, especially conservatives.

Americans today who have student loan debt took out this money of their own accord. They weren’t forced by anyone to receive student loans; yet, they took out these loans anyway and then agreed to pay them back.

Nevertheless, no one should be shocked if Biden does eventually work with Congress to get student loan debts distributed to every US taxpayer and then calls it loan “forgiveness.”