Joe Biden Is Now Enlisting Mexico To Help With America’s Border Crisis

Publicly, various members of the Biden administration continue to lie to Americans, saying the border is secure when this couldn’t be less accurate.

Data from the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) alone shows the border is less secure than it’s been in decades. Record numbers of border crossings continue to happen on the president’s watch as he does absolutely nothing about it.

Biden will not act to secure the border. He won’t listen to border officials, border states, or even the Democratic mayors of sanctuary cities who are receiving busloads of these migrants.

However, behind the scenes, the president is pressing Mexico to help take the current load of migrants off America’s back.

Understanding Biden’s Sad Plea to Mexico
When Biden dismantled the immigration policies of the Trump administration, he opened the floodgates and let migrants know America was a free-for-all.

Despite the White House claiming otherwise, there’s video footage of illegal immigrants on camera, saying the border is open and admitting “everybody” knows this.

Now, it seems Biden is trying to clean things up by asking the Mexican government to take in migrants from Venezuela, Nicaragua, and Cuba.

As it turns out, migrants from these countries generally end up getting asylum in America because of international strains between their governments and ours.

The efforts of Biden to openly beg the Mexican government to accept these migrants could easily be redirected towards securing the southern border. A closed border would strongly disincentivize migrants of all nationalities from trying to enter the country.

A Clear Message From Mexico
Thus far, the Mexican government has not agreed to what Biden’s asking for. In fact, Mexico hasn’t even directly responded to Biden. Months ago, however, Mexico’s president did poke fun at Biden over US citizens traveling over the border for low gas prices.

The Biden administration should not hold its breath waiting for Mexico to come to the aid of America. Ending the current illegal immigration crisis is going to involve the US federal government taking actions that let the world know the border isn’t open for business.

All Biden’s doing right now is further enabling the problem while showing international authorities that America’s leadership is weak.