Joe Biden Left Billions In Weapons For The Taliban

A little over a year ago, Joe Biden pulled out of Afghanistan in the most disastrous way. Despite advice from his own military officials, Biden removed US troops from Afghanistan before getting US citizens and allies out of the country first.

Because of Biden’s haphazard withdrawal, 13 American troop members lost their lives when the Kabul airport was bombed. It’s also been widely speculated that Biden’s mismanagement of the Afghanistan withdrawal inspired Russian President Vladimir Putin to invade Ukraine.

Unfortunately, the negative fallout from the Afghanistan withdrawal continues. Just recently, the extent of US military equipment that Biden left for the Taliban terrorists came to light.

Rolling Out the Red Carpet For the Taliban
The Department of Defense revealed the military equipment that Biden left for the Taliban has a value total of about $7.12 billion. This equipment ranges from small arms weapons to ground vehicles, military aircraft, and more than the Taliban could have asked for.

The vehicles alone aren’t even run-of-the-mill. They have the power to resist mines and other explosives that would ordinarily blast through just about anything.

The report from the Defense Department comes after Biden previously said his withdrawal from Afghanistan was a “success.” In the past year, even some Democrats suggested the president could have handled the withdrawal from Afghanistan with better tact and strategy.

Republicans have warned that because of Biden’s withdrawal from Afghanistan, the Taliban now has more than it could possibly ask for to wage terror on various nations, including the United States.

Avoiding the Consequences of His Actions
Monday, August 15 marked the anniversary of Biden’s disastrous withdrawal that led to the Taliban getting billions in weapons. While many conservatives made note of this, the president couldn’t even be bothered to acknowledge the 13 service members who lost their lives in Kabul.

On top of this, the White House has yet to announce what happened to the US citizens and allies who were left behind when Biden removed American troops. Shortly after the withdrawal, the president’s administration claimed no US citizen would be left behind.

Nevertheless, there’s been no real updates on this matter whatsoever.

Republicans maintain that Biden keeping his handshake agreement with the Taliban was more important to him than US troops, US citizens, and allies who helped Americans fight the war on terror.