Joe Biden Made An “Unbelievable Offer” To Vladimir Putin

According to former Secretary of Defense Robert Gates, Joe Biden was incorrect about practically every foreign policy position he took over the previous four decades. Despite this, Biden has claimed to be a “foreign policy specialist” throughout his career. That’s about as accurate as a lot of his fabrications.

President Joe Biden has stated that he has no idea how to deal with Russia or the issue of cyberattacks. He sent Russian President Vladimir Putin a list of 16 items that are off-limits for cyberattacks on key infrastructure in June 2016.

Moreover, Joe Biden has taken the strongest penalties against Russia off the table and only considers new sanctions if Putin invades. He lifted sanctions on Nord Stream 2, harming both the United States and Ukraine while strengthening Putin. Then he permitted Russia to behave aggressively by declaring that a “small intrusion” wouldn’t necessarily result in a significant reaction. He had to rush to clean up the mess. He also allegedly warned Ukraine’s President that a Russian invasion was going on.

Furthermore, Russia is attempting to defend its activities by arguing that NATO measures are causing them anxiety. That’s nonsense since they’ve desired Ukraine for years and attacked Crimea to get it. Putin believes that by throwing a tantrum, he may threaten Ukraine while also gaining concessions from NATO.

Joe Biden has given Putin access to NATO locations to confirm that the alliance does not have cruise missiles in Romania or Poland. NATO has explicitly rejected the Russian demand that Ukraine never is considered for NATO membership.

Therefore Russian President Vladimir Putin has stated that Russia and the United Kingdom have agreed that the Ukraine situation requires a “peaceful conclusion” and ongoing negotiations. In addition, Russian President Vladimir Putin stated that the United States had ignored Russia’s concerns over Ukraine and NATO membership.