Joe Biden Proves Trump Right And Shows Pelosi For The Hack That She Is


Remember the “Ukraine Scandal” which sparked Donald Trump’s first impeachment trial?

Donald Trump did call the President of Ukraine. He congratulated him on his election. And he told him how important it is for the United States to root out corruption, specifically mentioned former Obama Administration Vice President Joe Biden.

He was right to do this.

It was and remained in the interest of the USA to have strong partners in the Eastern European region. Presently, Ukraine is being chipped away by Russia. And with a history of communism and criminal activity, we only make sense

A genuinely honorable chief executive and law enforcement officer would do everything in their power to make sure that any bribes and cronyism are eliminated, especially from within our government. Hunter Biden was involved in Ukrainian funny business, trading influence of his father for sweetheart board positions is the textbook definition of corruption.

Hunter Biden, a lawyer by training, had zero oil and natural gas experience but made $83,000 per month in his board position on the Ukrainian energy company Burisma.

When was the last time you made $83,000 for your fiduciary oversight and advice?

The fact that Joe Biden and his family were involved in illegal schemes in this country should not lead us to turn a blind eye. Now that he is President, we can expect that he will try to clean up whatever mess remains in Ukraine.

Fancy Nancy Pelosi’s impeachment of Trump was because of an alleged “quid pro quo” or trading action by the US for those of Ukraine. Let’s be clear, what Hunter Biden received was a “quid pro quo.” What Trump was doing is conducting direct foreign policy. By going around the State Department and communicating with his request to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, Trump passed the administrative state apparatus. He had the right and power to do so.

But that was unacceptable to unelected government bureaucrats like Lieutenant Colonel Alexander Vindman, who were in their position precisely to monitor and take out enemies of the government complex. They had already identified Trump as Enemy Number 1.

Joe Biden recently pressed Ukraine to accept the Russian-German Nordstream 2 pipeline, which essentially bypasses their nation. Biden ordered Ukraine not to resist this multi-billion dollar deal, and in exchange, they will receive military aid, with which they can presumably defend themselves from Russia. That is a “quid pro quo” if there ever has been one.

But he did not stop there. Oh no! Joe Biden knows a lot about “corruption” in Ukraine. His son has some first-hand experience with it. Therefore, now Joe Biden will do what Donald Trump initially demanded and hold President Volodymyr Zelensky’s feet to the fire. If this sounds like a joke, it assuredly is not.

Biden and Zelensky will meet at the White House on August 30 to discuss matters in person.

Is a prostitute a hypocrite if she sleeps around? She is immoral but not a hypocrite. She never claimed to be faithful.

Likewise, President Biden and the Democrats have no standards. Therefore, the charge of hypocrisy will never stick to them. But that does not mean that they are not even more guilty of the crimes they commit if we still have a nation where the rule of law matters.