Joe Biden Seems ‘Desperate’ To Restart The Nuclear Deal As He Grants ‘Sanctions Waivers’ To Iran

In a desperate bid to get Iran to accept a new nuclear agreement with the West, Joe Biden gives a clear, unmistakable signal of capitulation. Donald Trump left the nuclear agreement in 2018 after a “make or break” week in discussions between Iran and the West about resuming the pact.

Secretary of State Antony Blinken signed a slew of sanctions exemptions related to Iran’s nuclear program, with more on the way if the mullahs do Biden a favor and agree to yet another useless agreement. The Iranians now know that Biden is where they want him to be. Before deciding whether having Biden as a buddy is worth it, they will win every American concession.

Moreover, officials from the United States stated that this is crucial in gaining support to return to the nuclear agreement but denied making any concessions to Iran. According to the authorities, the waivers are required to bring the other parties to the agreement on board. “They did not give sanctions relief for Iran,” said State Department spokesperson Ned Price in a tweet.

The precursor to easing sanctions hinges on Iran’s adherence to the JCPOA’s obligations. Those pledges, including Iran limiting its enrichment efforts to less than 5%, are unsalvageable. They now have a 60 percent enriched uranium stockpile and have significantly enhanced the efficiency and modernization of their centrifuges.

Furthermore, in 2018, President Donald Trump withdrew the United States from the accord, claiming it was the worst diplomatic arrangement ever signed. Joe Biden called a return to the deal a priority as a presidential candidate, and his government has worked to achieve that aim.

Any arrangement reached between Iran, and the Biden Administration will be worse than the one reached by President Obama in 2015. Which country will be in charge of Iran’s stockpile of uranium enriched to more than 5%? Last time, Russia stepped forward a difficult decision given that it is in Russia’s interest to support Iran against the US. But the question is, what type of access will the IAEA be given? And what about the decades’ worth of unaddressed nuclear issues?

Therefore Joe Biden is in severe difficulty in Washington and needs an international “win” to boost his popularity and give the Democrats a boost heading into the November midterm elections. Iran is more than willing to help.