Joe Biden: We Have To ‘Raise The Roadways’ Because Of Too Much Rain

Sometimes President Joe Biden doesn’t hit the mark. Sorry, President Joe Biden doesn’t hit the mark most of the time. To not get fact-checked, that had to change.

Is climate change happening? Sure. Is it happening at the disastrous rate that Biden and the left want you to think? Not. But, Biden still pushes it forward.

Biden’s Wilmington, Delaware beach house is 4,786-square-feet with six bedrooms, five bathrooms, and one bath that’s a ½ bath. It’s massive and can house a lot of people. The property cost Biden $2.74 million, which would be a lot of property to lose. Why would Biden lose it, you ask? Because it’s on the beach. Biden better gets that house on the market because the tides rise, and the roads have to be higher.

The reality is water isn’t going anywhere. It circulates from the ground to the air and continues. There is no more or less water on earth than when the world was formed. But, if it’s going to rain more, California and the central states could use it.

But, is it true that it’s raining more? No.

The U.S. drought monitor from December 5, 2017, to December 7, 2021, suggests that it’s not true, but more likely, there’s a wave of rainfall and lack of rain.

Then there’s the apparent contradiction. The White House said that there were wildfires and droughts because of climate change.

What is wrong with this guy? He makes Al Gore seem competent.