Joe Biden’s Lies About The Economy Seem Endless

This past Saturday, Joe Biden went to Oregon in order to stump for Democrats. Decades of left-wing policies have failed Oregon so much that the state looks to be on the verge of electing a Republican governor.

Biden, of course, claims that if Oregon GOP gubernatorial candidate Christine Drazen wins the election, then former-President Trump will be in control of the state.

This is Biden’s way of trying to scare off moderate Democrats or Independents who may consider voting for Drazen over her Democratic opponent, Tina Kotek.

However, the president’s remarks about the Oregon gubernatorial election aren’t the only examples of him lying and misleading folks. While in the state, Biden also raised eyebrows when he said the economy under his leadership is strong.

Biden’s Lies vs. the Objective Truth
While in Portland, the president spoke to the media about how he views the economy under his leadership.

Objectively, consumer confidence levels are suffering, as are Americans’ abilities to keep their jobs and pay the bills. Meanwhile, interest rates continue to increase, as does inflation.

Nevertheless, while grabbing ice cream in Portland, the president told the media that America’s economy happens to be “strong as hell.” Biden then went into further detail by saying this assessment applies to the “internals” of the economy.

Sadly, economists believe otherwise. In fact, economic predictions show that inflation could last well into 2024. During this month alone, data showed most CEOs throughout the nation are preparing for a recession lasting anywhere between one year to 1.5 years.

These aren’t the measures of a “strong as hell” economy by any means.

Strong Backlash From the Nation
Americans who are living in the real world and dealing with the consequences of current economic failures can see the writing on the wall. This is why the president is being called out on social media for his comments in Portland.

Not only is Biden unconcerned about the country’s economy, but he also claimed the US dollar is in good shape. This, too, is false. Inflation actually chips away at the value of the dollar, meaning it doesn’t go as far as it used to.

With the midterm elections being roughly three weeks away, Biden’s comments about the economy are all the more reason why his party cannot remain in power.