Joe Biden’s Mental Fitness and Cognitive Decline: The SERIOUS Discussion America Needs to Have

Joe Biden is the oldest person to have ever been inaugurated as president. At the time he was sworn in, he was 78 — older than Ronald Reagan was when he left office.

Throughout his time in politics — around 42 years — Biden has always been known for his gaffes. But his current issues are significantly more concerning than just a few mistakes.

As The Blaze notes, “repeated ‘gaffes’ are a lot more concerning when coming from the president of the United States. They can no longer be laughed off as ‘silly Uncle Joe’ antics. As we saw from Biden’s speech in Poland, the president misspeaking in a moment of international crisis is a serious, and potentially deadly, problem.”

The United States needs to appear strong on the world stage, as a nation that other countries can look up to, and that our enemies fear. With a president that can barely form a coherent sentence, that is not the case.

It is clear to anyone who is paying attention that Biden’s campaign staff, as well as the mainstream media, successfully shielded the aging Democrat from the public as much as possible while he was running for president in the 2020 election. This has largely continued since he took office, with the press being ushered out of the room after every event, or Biden being handed a specific list of ‘friendly’ reporters to call on and notes on how to answer questions.

With the current state of the world — whether it is the COVID pandemic, the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the rise of China, the supply chain crisis, or skyrocketing inflation — it is fair to question the cognitive health of the president of the United States. Biden’s decline and struggles are obvious to anyone watching, yet the Democrats and the mainstream media refuse to ask any legitimate questions about his fitness for office.

The questions may be uncomfortable, but the American people have the right to know if their president is mentally fit for the job, or whether invoking the 25th Amendment is necessary to protect the country.

The Blaze’s Glenn Beck recently discussed this issue with a Harvard Law professor on a recent episode of “Glenn TV.” Check that out below.