Joe Biden’s Vaccine Mandate Doesn’t Show Care, It Shows Rage!


The heralds of pandemic doom have personally appointed themselves as the guardians of your health. They will not let anything stand in the way of ensuring your health and safety from coronavirus. Not even vaccine mandates and other extreme measures are taken in overreaction to the coronavirus in terms of care.

It is all part of health “care,” they insist, and it’s all so extreme because the danger coronavirus poses is so great, they argue. But nothing is caring about forcing anything on any other grown person, whether or not the busybody intruder sincerely believes that the coronavirus vaccine will be best for that other grown person and society.

That’s not caring. That’s abuse. Plain and simple. It’s not caring. It’s rage. Someone who is genuinely giving care deploys empathy, listens, and respects the other person. That’s why they care about them. By definition, anyone who does not respect someone else doesn’t care about them either.

Vaccine mandates show a staggering lack of respect for the people the Joe Biden Administration is forcing itself on. It demonstrates a lack of regard for their intelligence, maturity, and ability to care for themselves. It demonstrates a disregard for their boundaries, privacy, and bodies. It shows a lack of respect for individual autonomy, their natural and equal right, to be ruler over their own lives and make their own decisions for themselves.

And it shows a baffling, incredible lack of respect for the constitution, the rule of law, and two and a half centuries of U.S. jurisprudence. It can’t be possible that the Joe Biden administration thinks it can get away with such a flagrantly unconstitutional rule. To burn up so much of its legitimacy with the public, to expend so much political capital, all for a quixotic bid at a draconian rule that doesn’t even make sense, and that will indeed be struck down in the courts.

That’s the calling card of rage. Anger is blinding. The Bidenists aren’t trying to care for the American people. They’re trying to rule over them by force and make them subservient to the political elite. And since it’s not working, Americans are going back out to events, to sports games, to arenas, to concerts, to bars, and since so many Americans are refusing to get the vaccine, the ones who thought they were in control are losing their temper.

It’s kind of like when the writer in that Stephen King story, Misery, tries to escape from the crazed fan played by Kathy Bates in the film version. She acted as she cared about him. Misery said she was his number one fan. But when she found she wasn’t in control of him, she made sure he couldn’t ever leave until she got what she wanted out of him. And she did so in an ultra-violent rage. America is at about that point in the story.