John Fetterman: ‘I Have Always Supported A Ban On Assault Rifle Ownership’

Democratic senate candidate John Fetterman (D), who is running against Dr. Oz in Pennsylvania, has said on two different occasions in 2022 that he supports “banning” the ownership of rifles.

The key word in Fetterman’s rhetoric, “ownership,” is what takes it from a democratic talking point to a more progressive leftist ideal. Many democrats believe that the sale of assault rifles should be banned, but fewer desire for that ban to include the ownership of rifles which logically leads to assault rifle confiscation.

“I’ve always supported a ban on assault rifle ownership,” Fetterman said in early April. “We should not have weapons of war in the hands of civilians. I have seen with my own eyes at the scenes in my community what a military grade round does to the human body. And we have no need for civilians to own those kinds of weapons.”

Fetterman also said, at the same event where he was quoted above, that he wants to eliminate the filibuster so that democrats could ban open-carry laws on top of assault rifle bans.

Fetterman’s stance on the second amendment, while not surprising, is seen by many as ironic based on a recent ad run by Dr. Mehmet Oz’s campaign. In the campaign, Dr. Oz brings to light an episode when Fetterman chased after and pulled a gun on a black jogger that he believed to be committing a crime.

Rather than denying the event, Fetterman said, “I believe I did the right thing but I may have broken the law during the course of it. So I made that decision at that point to intervene to stop him from going any further until the first responders could arrive.”

Fetterman has come out strong against gun ownership on the campaign trail. Fox News recounts a speech from April where he said, “I’m not afraid of anything, and certainly not the NRA. And let me be clear, the NRA does not represent the overwhelming majority of what gun owners really believe and want.”

Pushing on against the NRA, he said, “That is the lunatic fringe of gun ownership. And they are disproportionately represented and that skews the conversation. And pushing back at, I would never make the mistake of thinking, that’s representative of your average gun owner in America.”

With the midterm election just weeks away, Pennsylvanians have two polar opposite candidates from which to choose, and the second amendment is one place where the two differ greatly.