John Fetterman’s Latest Interview With MSNBC Has Raised Some Concerns

As Republican Mehmet Oz and Democrat John Fetterman battle to take Pennsylvania’s Senate seat, a lot of issues have emerged with the latter’s campaign.

For one thing, Fetterman has a disturbing track record just on crime alone. He’s openly stated that convicted murderers shouldn’t be forced to spend the rest of their lives behind bars. During a mayoral stint, various crimes also increased on the Pennsylvania Democrat’s watch, despite his claims to the contrary.

Back in April, Fetterman suffered a stroke. This has raised questions about his health, speech, and cognitive functions going forward. Even outlets that are far from right-wing have conceded the Democrat needs to be more transparent, starting with the release of his latest medical records.

While Fetterman hasn’t publicized these records, he did sit down for an interview with MSNBC that has many Americans scratching their heads.

Not a Good Look
During Fetterman’s latest interview with MSNBC, the network’s host asked how he was doing and feeling.

The Pennsylvania Democrat responded by stating he feels “fantastic,” but not as though he’s “kicking balls in the authority.” It appears as though Fetterman meant to say he wasn’t “kicking authority in the balls,” but even this seems like a bizarre answer to being asked how he’s doing.

Since the stroke earlier this year, questions have come up about the Democrat’s speech and auditory issues that he’s appeared to struggle with. While Fetterman has accused the Oz campaign of making fun of him for having a stroke, there are legitimate concerns.

Serving in the Senate is a six-year-long commitment that requires being able to hear, understand, and act accordingly.

Americans who bring up these matters aren’t mocking Fetterman for having a stroke. Instead, they’re questioning whether this stroke has impaired the Democrat’s ability to serve in the Senate, if he were to win his election.

An Even Worse Look
Oz has continued to call out Fetterman for his track record on corruption and his years-long pattern of rejecting law and order.

The Pennsylvania Democrat accuses his GOP opponent of lying on these issues.

However, the criticism led to Fetterman amending his campaign website so that it no longer has any mention of Black Lives Matter. Prior to being called out on crime, Fetterman was a proud and longtime supporter of the Marxist movement.