Journalist Calls Child Protective Services On GOP Senate Candidate

A journalist decided to call Child Protective Services to report Virginia State Senate candidate Tina Ramirez (R) for “child abuse” because her opinion about Columbus Day differed from his.

Self-described “Award-winning multi-media journalist” David Leavitt began attacking Ramirez on Twitter about Columbus Day in a completely unrelated tweet about PayPal’s recent announcement about the company’s plans to fine people $2,500 for spreading disinformation — a policy that they quickly walked back.

“Only women can be pregnant. Do I owe PayPal $2500 now?” Ramirez asked in her tweet.

Replying to her, Leavitt wrote: “Why are you celebrating torture, rape, murder, and enslavement?”

Apparently, the journalist was referring to another tweet from Ramirez, in which she wished her followers a happy Columbus Day.

“I teach my daughter real American history. I refuse to join the radical left’s campaign to erase history,” the Republican candidate responded.

Instead of simply acknowledging their different views, arguing his point or even just having a civilized discussion, Leavitt responded by calling on his 330,000+ followers to harass Ramirez for her beliefs — telling them to report her to Child Protective Services.

“Can someone please call child care services on Tina Ramirez who’s teaching her child to be a racist?” the journalist tweeted.

Rather than wait for his followers to do what he asked, Leavitt then decided to make the call himself. While doing so, he complained on Twitter about the long wait time to speak to someone at the hotline.

“The Virginia State hotline for child abuse has a 10+ minute hold and is experiencing ‘high call volumes’ with 14 callers ahead of me. This is absolutely unacceptable. How many people try to report child abuse and hang up? How many children will continue to be abused?” he wrote.

Meanwhile, Ramirez responded to his outrageous actions.

“Mighty bold and liberal of you to lecture a Hispanic mother with a black daughter on racism,” she wrote. “What’s next? Are you going to lecture me on women’s rights?”

Leavitt decided to continue on with his unhinged behavior, claiming in a tweet that “having a black child doesn’t make you any less racist.”

The leftist journalist went on to send out periodic tweets complaining about the wait time, saying that he had been on hold for an hour.

Ramirez, responding to the crazy situation, sent out her own Twitter thread about Leavitt’s actions.

“Tonight, @David_Leavitt called Child Protective Services to report ‘child abuse’ because I teach my daughter about Christopher Columbus and real American history,” she wrote. “As a single mother, I am my daughter’s only support. This is appalling for a number of reasons.”

“Radical leftist @David_Leavitt didn’t just call CPS to level accusations against me,” Ramirez wrote in a second tweet. “He waited an hour on hold, tying up the lines of our CPS professionals trying to help Virginia’s children. The radical left is willing to put our children at risk to cancel conservatives.”

“It’s no surprise that a member of the radical left is willing to go so far as to call CPS on a single mother – simply because they want to erase history. The radical left doesn’t want parents making decisions for their own families,” she added in another tweet.

“This goes back to what Virginians fought for in 2021 when they elected @GlennYoungkin: parent’s rights,” Ramirez concluded in her last tweet. “The radical left is willing to sit on hold with CPS for a full hour to level accusations of child abuse — all because we don’t agree with their out-of-touch worldview.”

Meanwhile, most of the left’s claims about Christopher Columbus — which were the reason behind Leavitt’s decision to attack Ramirez — are lies used to justify their hatred of Columbus and their continued attempts to erase American history. Daily Wire host Michael Knowles often discusses the subject, debunking the lies.