Kamala Harris Almost Admitted What We All Know: “Joe Biden Is Not Running Anything”

Recently, the radio and TV host Charlamagne Tha God (neither the King of the Franks nor a deity – discuss!) asked Kamala Harris who is president? It raised some eyebrows and drew some cackling. Harris said that Charlemagne (can I call you Chuck?) talked like a Republican.

Vice President Kamala Harris is chomping at the bit to get her shot at the big chair. She warmed up to the suggestion by Charlamagne that Biden was incompetent.

Remember when Joe Biden sat down with Chuck during the 2020 campaign? He said, “if you have a problem sorting out whether you’re for Trump or me, then, at that point, you ain’t black!” A masterful piece of political theater.

Harris has put her name all over the White House website. Her overseers must have thought that Chuck was going to play nice. But Kamala got some challenging questions demonstrating that Chuck is not playing around.

He’s nowhere near Joe Rogan, but his brain is functional. He is just as radical as the Democrats, but he is not a member of the liberal media in good standing. He’s more of an AOC type. For the most part, Harris expects to be treated with kid gloves like any other Democrat lawmaker.

Chuck inquired about the name of the genuine leader of this nation. Is it Joe Biden or Joe Manchin?

Harris started to reply however her assistant, Symone Sanders, cut her off. Something came up, and she said, “Please accept my apologies. I don’t think the VP can hear you.” She continued, “It’s Symone. Please accept my apologies, Charlamagne. We need to wrap.” Then she meant to squelch, “you are breaking up.”

Chuck smacked her down, “She can hear me,” and laughed. “They’re behaving like they can’t hear me, yo.” What’s up with that?

He asked again about the natural leader of the USA. “Is it Joe Manchin or Joe Biden, Madam Vice President?” While this was a question about Democrat Senator Joe Machin’s role installing the Breaking Bad Better plan. But it was an insight that everyone knows Joe Biden is not running anything. The man is a dementia riddled and corrupt fool who does what he is told. Manchin is hindering the Democrat communist’s plans in the Senate.

Harris offered her response, “Come on, Charlamagne, come on. It’s Joe Biden.” Charlamagne responded that he couldn’t tell at times. Neither can we. Most of the time, Biden looks like a sock puppet. Kamala was irritated and insisted. It’s Joe Biden. Really! She continued, “Don’t be talking like a Republican.” We can only assume that she used critical thinking and humor.

Harris thought that Chuck wanted to hear about the child tax credit and the Department of Justice and police body cameras. She wanted to talk about public transportation and physician-recommended drug costs. She attempted to rally the troops with cries of “I won’t surrender!”

Charlamagne was intrigued, “that Kamala Harris, that is the one I like!” It sounds like he may be supporting her claims on the throne. Liberal Democrat media can only hide the failures of the anti-President Biden for so long. Eventually, Kamala will have to replace him if she can stick around that long.