Kamala Harris Disavows Herself From The Virginia Governor’s Race

This week’s governor’s race in Virginia did not turn out how Democrats were hoping. The political left went all in for Terry McAuliffe, a Democrat who previously served as the commonwealth governor. 

Leftists loved McAuliffe because he would have been yet another rubber stamp on the Biden administration. Had McAuliffe managed to secure another term as Virginia’s governor, he’d take all his cues and leadership from none other than Biden. 

However, in a remarkable turn of events, McAuliffe lost the Virginia election. On Wednesday morning, he put out a press release, conceding to Glenn Youngkin and congratulating him. 

One of McAuliffe’s most vocal supporters was Vice President Kamala Harris. Now, as Twitchy documents. Harris is seemingly working to distance herself from McAuliffe and the outcome of Virginia’s race altogether.

During the campaign season, the vice president was all in for McAuliffe to beat Youngkin. Harris claimed Virginia residents shouldn’t allow the commonwealth to become an “experiment” by handing the governorship to Youngkin. 

Furthermore, Harris also went on record, declaring the outcome of the race would indicate what Americans can expect during the 2022 midterms and the 2024 presidential race. For the vice president, these remarks have not aged well. 

On Wednesday, Harris was asked about what message she thinks was sent to the Democrat Party regarding Youngkin’s win during a press event. To this end, the vice president declared she’d let the pundits get the ultimate say on that one. 

Then, after declaring that Democrats had some “wonderful victories,” Harris stated that Democrats would continue to take care of what needed to be taken care of. It was such a cop-out answer that social media users did not hesitate to chime in with their views about Harris’ response. 

Quite frankly, this type of rhetoric from the vice president only reveals how tone-deaf the Democrat Party has become. Democrats are not listening or paying attention to the reality that voters don’t like what they’re doing. 

That’s why Biden’s already stated McAuliffe’s defeat in Virginia is since Congress hasn’t passed the Build Back Better plan. What the president won’t discuss, however, is the poll showing that almost six out of ten Americans don’t support his social spending plan. 

Democrats in 2021 are delusional. They will employ absolutely any means to avoid admitting they are the problem. It is, for this reason, they will keep on losing elections.