Kamala Harris Says Southern Border Is ‘Secure’

Vice President Kamala Harris made the astounding claim on Sunday that the nation’s southern border with Mexico is “secure.”

During her appearance on NBC News’ “Meet the Press,” she told host Chuck Todd that although the Biden administration has ensured the border is secure, the nation has a “broken immigration system.” In typical Democrat fashion, she laid all of the blame for the illegal immigration disaster on President Donald Trump.

She added that Congress must do what she said she and Biden have asked them to do. She said their first priority is to get a “bill to create a pathway to citizenship.”

The facts stand in stark contrast to Harris’s claims. The number of illegal migrants apprehended by law enforcement at the southern border has almost doubled since Biden assumed office in January 2021.

Through the end of this July, U.S. Border Patrol officers reported 1.9 million encounters with illegal border crossers through fiscal-year-to-date 2022. The fiscal year begins October 1, so that total has two more months of data to be added to complete the year’s total. In fiscal year 2021, a total of 1.73 million illegals were encountered at the southern border.

In July of this year alone, almost 200,000 encounters were reported.

In regard to her and Biden’s demand for a legislative pathway to citizenship for the millions of illegals currently inside the country, Harris said there is no plan in place in Congress. She blamed Washington lawmakers of “playing politics” to prevent some form of citizenship amnesty.

Harris blamed current Republicans, especially those representing border states, for what she described as a loss of “bipartisanship on an issue that at one time was a bipartisan issue.” She said that GOP senators and “even presidents” have been open to relaxed amnesty proposals in the past.

In addition to a pathway to citizenship for illegal aliens in the country, Harris said the administration is still working on addressing the “root causes” of illegal immigration. Without providing any specifics, she simply said “there are solutions” before again blaming Republicans for not going along with the Democrat agenda.

The vice president was blasted by many last year for failing to visit the southern border for three months after Biden appointed her as the lead person to address the so-called “root causes.” She finally flew to El Paso for a tour of a Border Patrol facility and a processing center for illegal migrants.

She also visited Guatemala last year, where she warned potential migrants of the dangers of the journey to the U.S., telling them, “Do not come.”