Kamala Harris So Disagreeable?

Jimmy Kimmel posed the question to his audience recently. According to USA Today’s latest poll, the vice president’s approval ratings are deficient at 28%. That’s double digits lower than President Joe Biden’s also abysmal approval rating of 38% in the same poll.

Compare the four most recent presidents’ approval ratings in this graphic by Philip Bump at the Washington Post. If this were a parliamentary government like many others throughout the world, Joe Biden would be in danger of losing his prime ministership just months after putting together his coalition to take power.

Democrats made clear throughout the primary that they were picking their candidate for 2020 on one criterion and one criterion only: Whichever candidate they thought would be most likely to defeat Trump in the general election was the one the voters said they were nominating.

As the primary started heating up in Jun 2019, a PBS NewsHour poll found Democrats evenly split over whether they preferred a candidate who shared their values or just wanted whoever would be able to defeat Trump.

By the Iowa caucuses in Feb 2020, an NBC News entrance poll found two-thirds of Democratic caucus-goers “said they preferred a nominee who is more likely to win the general election in November than a candidate who shares their positions on key issues.”

A CNN exit poll of New Hampshire primary voters found Democrats in the Granite State were “looking for a candidate who can beat President Donald Trump over one who agrees with them on the issues by a roughly 2-to-1 margin.”

It was supposed to be a president who would unify Americans after four years of dangerously divisive, hyper-partisan politics. It was supposed to be an administration that presided over the broad middle and didn’t rock the boat too hard or do anything too crazy.

Not a year into his administration, the Bidenists are struggling to hold the nation’s approval that he elected Joe Biden less than a year after assuming office. The administration had pretended that the remarkable voter turnout in the 2020 election was a mandate from the people when it resulted from an unprecedented situation in America.

So many “turned out” to vote because they were at home, without work, without anything else to do, and were allowed to mail in their ballots in numbers like never before in U.S. electoral history. The Bidenists took a flimsy mandate and hysteria over the coronavirus and completely forgot that they are a constitutionally chartered government.

The turn toward brazen tyranny with the illegal OSHA vaccine mandates and the collaboration with House Democrats to raid the American and world economy with one trillion dollar appropriation after another is despicable after the way Democrats sanctimoniously gushed over our significant wet constitutional norms during the ridiculous, showboat Trump impeachment proceedings.

So why is Kamala Harris so unpopular and disagreeable? For the same reasons that Joe Biden is so unpopular right now. Why is she so much more unpopular than the president? Americans are probably just racist, Jimmy. Keep going with that.