Kamala Harris Staffer Bringing The Old Gregg Energy This Week

(Sensitive content warning: If you’re a Nam vet and have flashbacks about the VC, you are advised to click away from this photo of a Kamala Harris staffer in the office.)

Twitter activists keeping an eye out to prevent human trafficking in the highest halls of U.S. power, to get interns to work thankless hours for an imposing line on their resume, did a double-take this week, at this odd tweet from a Vice President Harris staffer (Hat tip: Greg P. at Twitch):

“Hi. My name is David Gins. I work for Vice President Harris on behalf of the American people as Deputy Director for Operations and love my job. Just thought some of you should know.”

The Twitterati were concerned that the unusually hard-posed Harris staffer was under duress, prompting concerns that it was a hostage photo taken to disseminate propaganda that the staffers in the vice president’s office are well-fed and being treated humanely.

One such Good Samaritan tried to extend a lifeline to the perchance captive staffer by tweeting the message, “Blink three times if you’re in danger.”

It wasn’t merely the North Korean level of stiffness in the staffer’s posture as he sat in his chair that seemed amiss. One sharp-eyed investigator pointed out that something just wasn’t right about the picture on the wall in the photo:

I know, right? And why is Bill O’Reilly using a Mac? That was definitely ‘shopped in.
Okay, maybe conservative Twitter is going a little overboard with the hostage scenario. Still, all joking aside, the staffer is bringing that Old Gregg energy, trying to get someone, anyone, please, to come live in the swamp with him in Kamala Harris’ office.

Attitude reflects leadership. I never forgot that from Remember The Titans. He’s probably giving off this off-putting, at-once both stiff and needy energy because it’s what Kamala Harris has been doing in her office, chasing away half her staff with her bizarre antics.