Kari Lake Says She Will Look At Defunding Arizona PBS For Enabling Hobbs’ Evasiveness

Republican Kari Lake is storming ahead in the race to be Arizona’s next governor, and her Democratic opponent Katie Hobbs is continuing to run directly away from debating the Trump-endorsed GOP favorite. After the latest media shuffle for the benefit of Hobbs’s cowardice, Lake has said if she wins she will look into cutting public funding from Arizona PBS.

Lake was set to appear on Arizona PBS for an interview on Wednesday that had been set up in partnership with the Arizona Citizens Clean Elections Commission (CEC). The time had originally been reserved for a formal debate between Lake and Hobbs for the benefit of voters. Hobbs backed out of the debate.

On Wednesday morning, the Lake interview fell apart as a result of Hobbs’s evasion of the debate. Arizona PBS acknowledged that it had scheduled a separate interview with Hobbs on next Tuesday. However, the station left CEC out of the loop. As a result, CEC pulled its involvement in the Lake event that was the remnant of the debate Hobbs ran away from.

CEC said on Wednesday that it was “surprised” and “disappointed” that Arizona PBS scheduled the Hobbs event without even notifying the commission. CEC said that the Lake interview that had been set for later that day would be reset at a different location with a different broadcast partner.

Lake said the station appears “to be an arm of the Democrat Party,” and is biased and “not bipartisan.” She added that since Hobbs has refused to go through any debates, she has “shut down” Lake’s ability to “even make it on the air at this station.” Regarding the secretive scheduling of the Hobbs interview, Lake said the station is “so obviously in the tank for her that they’re giving her an opportunity to appear on this stage.”

Arizona PBS is a subsidiary department of Arizona State University and receives funding from the school in addition to public donations and memberships. Lake acknowledged that cutting the station’s funding would require action by the legislature or the state Board of Regents, but said she would pursue it as governor.

Lake leads Hobbs in the most recent RealClearPolitics polling average, 47.9% to 46.9%.