Largest Union In Washington State Endorses ‘Uncommitted’ Over Biden

The largest labor union in Washington state has endorsed the “uncommitted” option on their primary ballots over voting for President Joe Biden, it has been learned.

Washington’s chapter of the United Food and Commercial Workers, which boasts over 50,000 members, is also the largest chapter of the union in the nation, making it a formidable force in the traditionally Democrat-voting state.

The union follows Michigan’s example in their recent primary, citing concerns not only about Joe Biden’s capability to defeat Donald Trump in the upcoming presidential election, but also his stance on his support for Israel in their war against the terrorist organization Hamas in the Gaza Strip.

Earlier this week in Michigan, approximately 13% of voters in the Democratic primary voted to choose the “uncommitted” option over Joe Biden. Michigan is home to a large Muslim community that is adamantly opposed to Israel’s war in Gaza. Although Biden still won the primary in Michigan, the results were still an embarrassment to the Biden campaign with the guarantee of two “uncommitted” delegates to the Democratic National Convention.

As the war in Gaza continues, pro-Palestinian protests have continued across the United States as they have sought to target Democrat rallies for Biden. This has resulted in a damage control effort by Biden’s handlers as they have attempted to shield him from protestors and further embarrassment in the mainstream media. Steps taken by his aides include making rallies smaller and not sharing their locations with the media or the public until Biden has already arrived.

The UFCW is not the only political force in Washington state urging Democrats to shrug off Joe Biden in the upcoming primary. Seattle alternative newspaper The Stranger is also pushing for voters to choose “uncommitted” on the ballot, specifically because of Biden’s lack of opposition to Israel’s military campaign in Gaza.

The shift in support for President Biden over the war in Gaza is significant. In 2020, Muslim Americans concentrated in areas like Michigan supported Biden. But their call as a community to abandon him in the 2024 election could potentially be enough to tip the scales and swing the state from blue to red. If this pattern continues in states across the country, the results could be disastrous for the Biden campaign in their bid for reelection.