Larry Fink Is Trying To Use ‘BlackRock’ To Take Over The World

Larry Fink, the BlackRock CEO, George Soros, Founder of the Open Society, and Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Meta, formerly Facebook, are part of a select group of billionaires seeking to shape the world through their investments. But Fink is uniquely positioned to pressure companies through his investment strategies and influence.

Beyond the wealth acquired by corporations, private investment funds are being used by CEOs to accomplish an international political agenda. To achieve his political objectives, Fink uses BlackRock money amassed by managing retirement accounts, including employee 401(k)s and some personal wealth. BlackRock has around $10 trillion under management.

Consumers’ Research launched a multi-million-dollar advertisement to uncover BlackRock’s strategic approaches to shifting economic and social policies. It also will expose many misleading practices. Zuckerberg used his money and influence to shift the balance in 2020. He individually subsidized neighborhood organizations through non-profit cutouts. He used his cash to push for the political policies he supported.

ESG, environmental, social, and governmental scores are used as ideological proxy tests. Fink and other investment firms are pushing partnerships with the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and using stakeholder capitalism and public-private partnerships.

Many state governors have zeroed in on BlackRock’s efforts to subsidize the Chinese Communist Party. West Virginia pulled its assets from BlackRock. Florida will not allow BlackRock to manage its proxy votes in retirement accounts. A few states are looking to safeguard consumers from BlackRock and Fink.

Fink has a fiduciary responsibility to use resources under his control wisely and legitimately. But he is attempting to alter the conduct of American enterprises and support Chinese businesses. BlackRock investments in China were restricted during the Trump Administration. However, now thanks to the Biden-Harris maladministration, they are back on.

Fink is pushing organizations to embrace efficient power and green energy to cover the ESG agenda. He is looking to reduce outflows and emissions from western nations while accepting the CCP talking points on the systems being used in China. And he promoted social justice and civil rights as part of an attack on US companies while shielding Chinese firms from scrutiny.

Fink anticipates a move toward a carbon dioxide-neutral economy as part of an effort to reduce global temperature trends. He supports organizations and encourages their successful relationship with clients, policymakers, and investors. Any business that does not should be crushed, according to Fink. His 2021 investors letter was praised by Klaus Schwab, President of the World Economic Forum, Bond-villain stand-in, and Author of The Great Reset and The Great Narrative.

BlackRock is promoting the move toward tyranny through statism, and they are using your money to do it. Joe Biden’s Breaking Bad Better plan and AOC’s Green New Deal are part of a plan to destroy the American economy and transfer wealth to the elitist financial leeches who are sucking the life out of this country.

BlackRock is a massive investment firm, directing over $10 trillion in assets, which is the size of a small country. CEO Larry Fink is aggressively and forcefully woke. He uses his position to push liberalism and corruption. Because the company holds 15-18% of every organization on the S&P 500, it can affect nearly every aspect of American life through corporate policies and compliance. It is a power that must be checked immediately.