Leftist Athletes Risk Female Sports By Opposing Protective Measure

A group of well-known athletes, including leftist soccer player Megan Rapinoe, recently signed a letter opposing the “Protection of Women and Girls in Sports Act of 2023” (HR 734). The measure seeks to protect female athletes by ensuring that only those who are biologically female can participate in women’s sports. Unfortunately, despite these athletes’ seemingly inclusive and equality-focused agenda, their stance against HR 734 will only lead to the undermining of women’s sports across the nation.

The Protection of Women and Girls in Sports Act aims to reinforce Title IX, stipulating that permitting males to compete in female sports violates this law. In addition, this measure would provide a level playing field for female athletes, considering the biological differences between males and females that can impact athletic performance.

Megan Rapinoe, a prominent soccer player and activist, joined 38 other athletes in expressing their opposition to HR 734 in a letter published by Athlete Ally. They argue that the bill would force transgender girls and women to “sit on the sidelines” and could lead to the policing of all girls’ bodies, deterring participation in sports. However, their argument fails to address the potential impact on women’s sports and the countless girls and women who stand to be affected by the unchecked inclusion of transgender athletes.

The debate surrounding the participation of transgender athletes in women’s sports has become increasingly heated in recent years. Opponents of measures like HR 734 claim they discriminate against transgender individuals and argue that any potential physical advantages have not been conclusively proven. However, introducing male athletes, even those identifying as female, into female sports puts female competitors at an inherent disadvantage due to biological differences that can impact strength, speed, and stamina.

Recent attempts by the Biden administration and the U.S. Department of Education to address this issue have fallen short, proposing a rule under Title IX that would make blanket transgender bans illegal while allowing specific exceptions for high schools and colleges. Unfortunately, this approach fails to provide a comprehensive solution. It leaves female athletes vulnerable to the potential adverse effects of unchecked inclusion.

Various sports governing bodies have recognized the need for a balanced approach to transgender participation. The NCAA Board of Governors approved a sport-by-sport approach that seeks to balance fairness, inclusion, and safety for all athletes. FINA, the international swimming federation, introduced guidelines that effectively banned transgender swimmers from its events. World Athletics also established testosterone thresholds for transgender women to compete.

While the athletes who signed the letter opposing HR 734 may genuinely believe they promote inclusion and fairness, the potential harm to women’s sports cannot be ignored. Safeguarding the integrity of female sports is vital for the continued growth of opportunities for girls and women nationwide. Embracing the misguided ideals of the leftist narrative could ultimately lead to the downfall of female athletic competition as we know it, adversely affecting countless athletes in the process.