Radical Media Pummeled For Attempting To Turn Inflation Emergency

At this point, inflation is an existential crisis facing the United States of America. Because of President Biden’s carelessness and foolishness, everything is more expensive across the nation. 

People are forced to dole out more dollars for food, gas, rent, utilities, and more every day. Meanwhile, all the Biden administration has chosen to do about this is laugh, ignore the issue, or try to spin the inflation crisis altogether. 

Quite frankly, it’s a shame to witness what Democrats are doing to the United States without a care in the world. However, none of this is stopping the mainstream media from backing up Biden without question. 

As Twitchy reports, the media is now getting an earful for trying to spin the reality of inflation in the United States.

On Monday, MSNBC decided to publish a piece declaring that inflation is a good thing that Americans aren’t looking at the right way. Later, MSNBC decided to take down this tweet and replace it with one stating the country should “talk” about existing inflation without “over-egging” it. 

This delete and repost was an attempt to backpedal after one of the media’s worst spins ever to come. However, it did not work out the way MSNBC hoped. Twitter users panned the outlet, stating their attempt to redo this was just as much of a failure as the original post.

Inflation continues to be one of the critical marks of the Biden presidency. Despite the media’s best attempts, the nation is not looking at inflation as a positive force in the United States. It is why Biden and Harris’ approval ratings are at shocking lows less than one year into their respective terms.

Inflation is what the leftist elites view as “building back better.” It explains why Democrats lost the Virginia election, and it’s also why they’ll lose the 2022 midterms. 

Inflation is a nightmare. It devalues the value of hard-earned dollars. Inflation also makes it harder for families who have already been struggling to remain afloat. Inflation in the United States has gotten so bad that its rates are higher than salaries. It means Americans are working harder than ever and still losing money. 

At this point, the mainstream media is just gaslighting the American people. They’re telling the people not to believe what they are witnessing before their very eyes. It defies all logic and reason. Yet, these are the lengths the leftist media will employ to defend their doddering failure of a president.