Liberal Cities Like New York Will Not Protect You

Random Acts of Violence (RAV) are on the rise, especially in cities that are defunding the police force and have overly strict rules of engagement that result in monitoring and prosecution of needed law enforcement. Certain nuisance crimes get less attention than violent crimes. But these occurrences of reckless endangerment, vandalism, and loitering can lead to break-ins and mugging, which may eventually become rape and murder. The more criminals get away with, the higher the stakes for their next crime.

These attacks are taking place where residents want fewer cops. And now, the same voters who elected socialists bemoan arbitrary assault and opposed the garden variety planned attacks and drug crime.

New York City had two RAVs near Manhattan’s Morningside Park. A student at Columbia University is dead. An Italian tourist is in critical condition. In 2019, Tessa Majors was haphazardly and viciously slashed to death at this park. Police claimed that it was a burglary gone south.

She was a freshman Barnard College student who never made it home for Christmas break. New York City Democrat Representative extraordinaire Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez said that the horrendous misfortune of a young lady’s life being taken was sad. However, she thinks that intergenerational poverty, divorce, single parenting, and the lack of opportunity caused her death not to be stabbed multiple times by vicious cheap teenage crooks who stole her iPhone.

Protesters in 2019, in response to a RAV of a gay man, advocated that we “Stop Savagery with Restorative Justice” and “Local Area Solutions, Not Retribution.” They seem to think that random attacks can be used for their purposes. It was well before the George Floyd-related riots of 2020, showing that in NYC, crime has been treated as a social justice issue.

A wacko liberal wrote that “activists in our community, including those from Street Corner Resources, have been concerned about the assaults in the park. They have wanted to explore alternatives to policy-focused, carceral approaches to public safety, especially given that children are primarily suspected of these crimes.”

How do you stop crime without the police? What is the alternative to prison for juvenile delinquents who commit murder? We have those options today, but they are not utilized frequently enough to prevent this crime. Instead, the system is set up to be reactive to violence and thus perpetuating the permissive atmosphere that encourages it.

The reaction by many Criminal Justice Reform advocates is to spread suspicion of the methods of policing rather than the dangers to civilians. They insinuate that the New York Police Department induced the teenager’s admission of guilt without a lawyer present and that he deserved additional protections because he was a minor. Increased criminality, undermining police offices, and burning police department buildings will encourage more RAVs in urban communities. For the liberals in these once-great cities: it is time to wake up and get out!

But do not move to our states. What if every disgruntled liberal moved to California? Then unhappy people can get taxed into oblivion and wreck a state that is saturated with sunshine and corruption. Hopefully, then they will leave us alone.