The Liberal Media Is Going Crazy Over ‘Let’s Go Brandon’

Let’s Go Brandon has become a nationwide movement. It’s gained popularity as people chant it during sports events and even while protesting COVID vaccine mandates. At this time, multiple Let’s Go Brandon songs dominate iTunes charts. Meanwhile, Americans buy shirts, flags, and other paraphernalia that says Let’s Go, Brandon. 

The reality is Let’s Go Brandon is an offshoot of how despised Biden is. Americans don’t like the direction the president is leading the nation, no matter how much he and his deluded White House profess otherwise. 

However, as the popularity of Let’s Go Brandon surges, the leftist, pro-Biden media is having a fit. They’re not happy at all and are increasingly vocalizing their disdain for Let’s Go, Brandon, as Red State reports. 

Outlets like NPR, the Washington Post, and others are clutching their pearls over Let’s Go, Brandon. They’re calling the phrase “vulgar” and stomping their feet as Let’s Go Brandon gains nationwide support. It’s everywhere, and leftists can’t stand it. 

In actuality, though, the media’s frenzied reaction boils down to frustration over conservatives beating the left at their own game. Leftists and elected Democrat politicians spent four years bashing President Trump when he was in office. 

House Democrat Rashida Tlaib bluntly called Trump an “MFer” when he was president, and none of the people having temper tantrums over Let’s Go Brandon said a word. For the media to now claim the moral high ground and complain about Let’s Go, Brandon. 

Some leftist tears also boil down to the media and other Democrats realizing how deeply disliked Biden is less than one year into his presidency. At this point, he doesn’t stand a chance of getting a second term after 2024. Moreover, Democrats have forfeited any shot they had of winning the 2022 midterms. 

Democrats worked day and night to get Biden into office. After Biden was inaugurated, the left rubbed it in conservatives’ faces. They also used January 6 as an excuse to brand any Trump supporter as an insurrectionist and a radical. 

Let’s Go Brandon is not vulgar. It’s a pure form of speech that communicates how the country feels about Biden’s decisions and leadership. The Washington Post and NPR better get used to Let’s Go, Brandon, because it’s not dying down anytime soon. 

At the rate things are going, Let’s Go Brandon will pick up more significant amounts of popularity and momentum as more Americans grow tired of this sorry excuse for a president.