Liberal New York Times Is Pushing Trump Prosecution

The New York Times Editorial Board recently called for the indictment of former President Donald Trump. The far-left publication has often shown extreme bias against the former president, but calling for charges to be brought against a political opponent is a new milestone in the paper’s divergence from what any reasonable person would call “journalistic integrity.”

The paper asserted that Attorney General Merrick Garland should proceed with an indictment against Donald Trump based on the ridiculous and scant “evidence” presented during the January 6 show trials, accusing the former president of both “schemes to interfere with the certification” of the Electoral College vote and inspiring the demonstrators who were protesting election irregularities.

The so-called “newspaper of record” claimed that Trump carried out an “unprecedented assault” on U.S. democracy, and that as a result it requires a criminal investigation.

It also praised the “meticulous” work of Nancy Pelosi’s hand-selected Jan. 6 committee. That committee, for the record, includes only two Republicans, and both now say they will support Democratic candidates this November.

Since an indictment requires criminal acts, the paper described communications with state officials in Georgia and Arizona in which Trump and his colleagues asked about vote counts. It also cited his efforts to persuade Mike Pence to send the results back to the states.

This is the same editorial board that previously supported Trump’s impeachment and removal from office. It also referred to the unprecedented raid on the former president’s home in making its editorial case.

The New York Times has spent a long time diminishing the trust Americans have for its partisan stories. But this latest push to utilize lawfare against the left’s political opponents shows that this voice of propaganda is a growing danger to U.S. democracy.