Liberals Double Down On CRT And Continue To Attack Conservatives

Leftists represent themselves to the people who think sanely. On television, they preen about as if they are informed and righteous. But some liberals believe that recent election results in Virginia are a sign that they have an ideal opportunity to design a campaign to take advantage of racial division. It is a sign that their sense of reality is broken.

Rather than tolerating the opinions of a majority of voters, they exaggerated their hand seek wokism and forced parents to give up efforts to shield their kids from hurtful, bigoted systems of miseducation. Democrats are placing their heads in the sand, hoping that this outrage against wokism will not affect election results.

What is worse than calling parents racial oppressors? The presumption is that parents must trust the public school system and the school boards that lead them. We have gotten to the point where educators and government officials work against parents to manipulate children and turn them against their parents.

Conservatives are now trying to force government officials to restrain from controlling what their children learn. Parents come first in the hierarchy of education values regarding moral, identity, and racial issues. But our society is currently debating the meaning of words like man and women. Congress is responsible to the citizens and can stop the woke invasion, but many participate in it.

In Virginia, Conservative Glenn Youngkin vowed to boycott CRT in classrooms on the first day after his inauguration. As governor, he promised that he would address racial topics in education. Further, Youngkin will need to address the way that teachers are educated in graduate schools. The recent indications are that he won’t block any COVID-19, local mask, or vaccine mandates like other Republicans. It may not bode well for his commitment to education.

Youngkin recommends that conservatives use the issue of CRT in the 2022 political election cycle. With the popularity of Democrats plummeting, whatever once animated blue-collar, middle-class Democrat voters are fading. In the face of economic and moral crises, some Democratic strategists want to hit the GOP with charges of racism. Without changing teachers’ actions or public policy, they will not address the root cause of this problem.

Liberals want to double down on CRT and accuse anyone who is opposed to it of being a racist. Donald Trump allowed conservatives to remove some of the leftists’ policies that made suburbia lean Democrat over the last 20 years. Liberals cannot stop and will not stop pushing CRT. Instead, they will go back to their parents.

Citizens will not become liberal when Democrats make the case that parents should not be involved in their children’s education. Parental support is one of the best predictors of student achievement in elementary school.

The House Democrats have made light of the danger to the party in upcoming legislative races. Accusing parents of overreactions to CRT in K-12 schools and misunderstanding the academic thrust of CRT is not a winning message. They need to explain the benefits of teaching a US history that disparages the founding fathers and honors specific individuals who battled to improve it. Most Democrats want schools to focus on prejudices, while 40% of conservatives think that racial issues define our national heritage.

Treating education as an issue for COVID-19 masks mandates that may allow the school to reopen securely, tax breaks, and widespread pre-K and paid family leave will not reach suburban families.

Fox News reported that 25% of Virginia voters believe that CRT was the main issue in their vote for governor. McAuliffe just said the quiet part of our load when he said he would not allow parents to determine their children’s learning. House conservatives would like to have a “parents bill of rights.”