Libs Of TikTok Founder Scores Win In ADL Fight

Although the Anti-Defamation League was ostensibly founded “to stop the defamation of the Jewish people, and to secure justice and fair treatment for all,” in recent years it has increasingly targeted individuals and groups for expressing opinions that do not align with the so-called “woke” social agenda.

One of those targets has been Chaya Raichik, who founded the social media account Libs of TikTok to expose the radical statements and actions of far-left activists.

After the ADL added her to its politically biased “Glossary of Extremism” and petitioned X — the social media platform formerly known as Twitter — to remove her account, she began to fight back with public statements and the threat of legal action.

Her efforts appeared to have been effective, judging by the fact that she has since been removed from the list.

“The ADL targeted me, a young conservative Jewish woman, for speaking out against wokeness, far-left indoctrination of children, and the medical mutilation of minors under the guise of gender ideology,” she wrote in an op-ed published by Human Events last month.

As for the organization’s decision to label Raichik an extremist, the impetus appeared to be her push to expose the irreversible surgeries and therapies being performed on children who identified as transgender.

The ADL accused her of attempting to “generate outrage and stoke anti-LGBTQ+ hostility by reposting selected out-of-context social media content created by LGBTQ+ people and liberals” and stoking “harassment, threats and violence” against the individuals depicted on her account.

Raichik responded by outlining evidence of such treatments being performed on individuals under the age of 18, noting that she “simply pointed that out” via her popular social media channel.

“Yet, for the ADL, this made me ‘transphobic’ and an ‘extremist,’” she added.

Noting that the organization has claimed antisemitism is somehow linked to “transphobia,” Raichik wrote: “The ADL has entirely lost [sight] of their founder’s goal when they believe that sterilizing minors, giving them cross-sex hormones, and using their power to silence free speech are part of their core mission.”

Taking aim at the group’s stated goal, she concluded that it is “not about anti-defamation,” adding: “If you disagree with them, they will defame you.”