Mainstream Media Laments Criticism Of Trans Ideology

At least one mainstream media outlet has complained that coverage of transgender issues has turned negative following the shooting in Nashville, Tennessee last week.

Media website Vox argued that media coverage of the transgender movement has become much more negative. The website went a step further, arguing that journalists were “failing” the trans community.

Vox cited a number of “insidious myths” regarding transgenderism. The site argues that treatment to change people’s gender is “well-established.”

The online media outlet argues that concerns about such “gender-affirmative” treatments often make it into regular media coverage, which results in “stories that undermine the experts.”

Vox’s article calls such concerns illegitimate, describing them as “handwringing.”

The outlet wrote that if “more people understood and accepted that being trans, even at a young age, is a valid, legitimate thing, that framing might make fewer inroads with the mainstream. But unfortunately for trans kids, instead of validation, there’s confusion and pushback over trans identity.”

Vox also described the role of the media in general as having a “willingness to air transphobic fearmongering.” The article’s author Aja Romano posits that this “opened the door for a well-orchestrated moral panic.”

The concern about the role of transgender ideology in society follows the shooting at a Nashville elementary school that killed three children and three adults.

The attack at the Covenant School was carried out by a transgender former student. The attack preceded a planned “Trans Day of Vengeance” intended for Apr. 1. The event was organized by activists who sought attention for what they described as a ‘trans genocide.’

The event was canceled due to unspecified concerns about safety.

Organizers wrote that while “we wholeheartedly believe in the mission and message we put forth for trans day of vengeance, we must prioritize the safety of our community and the people that make it up.”

In addition, the rally’s founders also stated that since the shooting, transgender people “have been subjected to highly serious threats and blamed only because of their gender identity.”

This, they said, was a step toward “genocide.”