Marco Rubio: Marxism Is Not Dead, Will ‘Destroy this Country’ if Not Confronted

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Kissimmee, Fla. — When it comes to Marxism, Americans often make two mistakes: They believe it is first and foremost an economic theory, and that it’s dead.

But those assumptions are wrong, Florida Senator Marco Rubio said on Friday. Marxism is very much alive, and it’s spreading through American institutions – schools, businesses, government agencies – under the umbrellas of identity politics and social justice.

“If we don’t confront this now, call it for what it is and defeat it, it will destroy this country and everything that has made it special,” Rubio told the crowd of about 2,000 conservative activists and faith leaders gathered in Florida for the Faith & Freedom Road to Majority conference.

“Marxism is not dead, and it’s not an economic theory,” Rubio said. “What’s happened is that Marxists realized what the track record of Marxism is around the world, so they don’t want to call themselves Marxists anymore. They have found new titles. Things that frankly sound benign, and you almost feel guilty being against. Social justice. Who can be against social justice? But that’s the terminology they come up with. Equity. Who can be against equity?”

Marxism, Rubio said, intentionally divides people. The “old Marxism” argued that the capitalist system was rigged, and pitted business owners, or oppressors, against workers, their victims.

“Then it says, the only way to fix this is, we have to overthrow the system,” Rubio said. “We need a revolution. We need a government to take over and make everything fair. And we need a government that goes to the former oppressors and makes them apologize for being oppressors, be re-educated to be responsible people.”

If it sounds familiar, it’s because the Marxists are using the same playbook today, but with a new focus on race and identity, Rubio said. It’s why many conservatives are fighting back against the injection of critical race theory in American schools and institutions.

“We’re being told that America, in and of itself, was founded on racism, prejudice and evil. Not that we have a history of racism or prejudice, but that we were founded on it,” Rubio said. “That’s the foundation of our society, that we are irredeemably broken in our history, that the system is rigged.”

Under this new ideology, racial minorities, women, and members of the LGBTQ community are all historic victims, and “the only answer is for government to step forward, and create equity and make things fair, tear the system down,” Rubio said. This new ideology, he said, has become the ideological orthodoxy of corporate America, schools, and the entertainment industry, and he urged Americans to stand against it, even though “Marxists don’t tolerate dissent.”

“The new Marxism, if you speak out, you get banned, you get canceled, you get fired, your business gets boycotted, and you get called all sorts of names,” Rubio said. “So I understand why some people decide, ‘You know what, it’s just easier to pretend I agree and stay quiet. I don’t need those hassles.’”

“That’s what they’re counting on.”