Marjorie Taylor Greene Proves Idiots Like Gavin Newsom Must Not Have Power


Newsom got into a Twitter spat with the notorious MTG, Marjorie Taylor Greene, the first-term Congresswoman from the once-great state of Georgia. He proved that American politics had become some childish playground game of name-calling. When Greene destroyed his distorted tyrannical illogic, he lashed out and called her to get this a murderer.

A murderer. As in someone who kills another person deliberately. Does Newsom, the Governor of the not-so-great state of California (yes, we know about the sunshine tax), have any idea what murder is.

How can this dunce run the state with one of the largest stand-alone economies in the world? He is supposed to be a law enforcement officer. Loose accusations like that must not stand.

All this came after he called people like Greene, who chose not to be injected with an experimental drug that Newsom can seem to put his finger on, but something is off. Let’s follow his lack of logic. First vaccines work, secondly, the unvaccinated are not a problem to anyone, and third, therefore, we must force everyone to get vaccinated. Maybe he did not need to use critical thinking or logic at Santa Clara University.

Newsom said he’s in favor of mass forced vaccinations, which Joe Biden would like to achieve in his door-to-door campaign, “If we can get everyone vaccinated, that’s not vaccinated. It’s like drunk drivers. You don’t have the right to go out and drink and drive and put everybody else at risk, including your own life.” Does he understand that drunk driving is against the law because it harms other people? Getting a vaccine is a choice we have the right to make or refuse, and forced vaccination is not a law yet.

Of course, Marjorie Taylor Greene’s star continues to rise. The mom, activist, and former CrossFit gym owner and operator took down the high and mighty Gov. Gavin Newsom in a tweetstorm. She is often attacked for believing that shock and horror are “deep state” actors who use their power within the federal government and other organizations to enact their extra-legislative agenda. If that sounds like a conspiracy theory, watch a movie. Everyone understands that a bureaucrat with an email address can be more dangerous than a drunk driver.

Newsom ignored the fact that Robert Francis Kennedy Jr. is opposed to vaccines and is the farthest thing from a Right-wing fanatic. But he claims that Tucker Carlson and Marjorie Taylor Greene are spreading “misinformation.” It is what tyrants claim when people disagree with them.

Greene pointed out that Newsom is facing a recall election in California this September 14th, 2021. She said that it had been a disaster as the leader of California. But presumably, the people of California knew what they were getting when they elected him. Maybe California voters like authoritarians who shut down the economy, refuse to open schools, and eat out at fancy restaurants on the state dime while violating the lockdown requirements they put in place for everyone else.

In every state in the union, it is an assault to inject people with needles, “Whoever commits an assault upon another, using a hypodermic syringe, hypodermic needle, or any instrument adapted for the administration of controlled or other substances by injection.” A government that can inject you against your will, even with saline solution, has enslaved you.