‘MASSIVE’ Biden Cover-Up: Department Of Homeland Security Is Withholding Afghan Refugee Report

The legislation mandated that the Biden administration submit a report showing the number of Afghan refugees in the US and abroad military locations by December 1. Still, the administration has yet to do so. Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas was mandated by a government budget measure enacted September 30 to compile a complete accounting of Afghan refugees in the United States and overseas within 60 days.

The Washington Free Beacon has found that the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has not sent a report to Congress. More than 124,000 individuals were evacuated out of Afghanistan by August 30, the last day of the United States’ participation in the nation, in breach of a congressionally imposed deadline. The White House estimates that up to 95,000 Afghan refugees would be relocated to the United States. Concerns about public safety and terrorism arose when several Afghans landed in the United States without proper documentation this fall. Covid-19 tests were not given to any Afghan refugees before they left Kabul, according to the Free Beacon in September.

Moreover, Sen. James Lankford slammed the Biden administration’s lack of compliance with the legislation while Democrats sought $7 billion in more financing for Afghanistan resettlement efforts at the same time. Homeland Security has not convened a public hearing on Afghan refugees or DHS monitoring in the past year. Homeland Security Committee hearings into DHS’s role in the refugee resettlement process have thus far yielded no testimony from any Biden administration officials under oath, Lankford stated. There is no end in sight to the federal government’s unrestrained spending. Afghanistan refugees in the US, military posts across the world, and other nations were required to be included in the report. However, the number of Afghan evacuees at foreign bases or other staging sites marked as possible security problems or hazards was also mandated by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS).

Critics of Biden’s rushed exit from Afghanistan questioned whether the White House was prepared for the influx of refugees fleeing Taliban authority. Thousands of Afghan refugees have already arrived in the United States, but nothing is known about their identities. Two Afghan immigrants were detained on assault charges at a Wisconsin military installation in September. Democrats like Rep. Lou Correa, who described himself as “furious,” were outraged when the Biden administration barred a bipartisan group of legislators from accessing a Qatari refugee center the next month. An investigation by the Free Beacon found that the Biden administration similarly declined to release an annual report on the number of illegal immigrants in the country. For at least the past five years, the information was released by both former presidents Barack Obama and Donald Trump on the DHS website.