‘Massive Praise’ For Politicians Lifting Mask Mandates For Children

In a move that proves that even tyranny-loving Democrats must respond to internal polling, many blue states have begun to lift the mask mandates on school children. Anyone paying attention already knows that the mainstream media is a propaganda arm of the Democrat party, so it should not come as a surprise these moves are being lauded as revelatory. CNN has started to backtrack on its rigid push for compliance, even the “Mask every child until the end of time because they will be fine” network.

Interestingly, just a few short days ago, Governor Youngkin was eviscerated for his order to make masks optional in schools. Governor DeSantis was accused of going on a “killing spree” because he refused to enforce mandates for anyone early on in his state. It is unlikely there will be a forthcoming apology or acknowledgment that the red state Governors were ahead of the curve. DeSantis put it succinctly at a presser, saying, “The medical science didn’t change, the political science changed.”

Things are moving quickly as politicians in the United States are seeing dismal polling numbers for Democrats in the upcoming election. The Freedom Truckers to the north in Canada must also be troubling them. A grassroots movement is starting to build that is anti-mandated. People are tired of bureaucrats dictating policy, as most want Dr. Fauci to resign.

The coming tidal wave of resistance is causing the Democrat party to split as the self–interested among them start to realize that perhaps telling parents that they have no choice of how to send their kids to school is not a winning strategy (Ask Terry McAuliffe how that worked out for him). There is momentum to all things, so it will take time for the mandates to be lifted everywhere but rest assured that time is coming. If the media do not vindicate the Governors who were willing to take a stand against mandates early, history will.